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Eurogamer: Alpha Protocol Review

The legendary agent whose presence looms over Alpha Protocol's Michael Thornton isn't Bauer, Bourne or Bond - although the game is eager to invite all these comparisons. It's Shepard. Obsidian has borrowed a lot from BioWare, a developer it's always had a close working relationship with, and at times Alpha Protocol can feel a little like a Mass Effect mod as much as an original game in its own right. (Alpha Protocol, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

UnSelf  +   1804d ago
Hey, Alpha....Proto called. They want their game back
BYE  +   1804d ago
Wow, a 7 from Eurogamer?

7 is Eurogamer's 10.
nycredude  +   1804d ago
Now I know I should keep my preorder. A 7 from Eurogamer is at least an 8.5 normally.
kratos123  +   1804d ago
keep it i now i will its a good game
the devolpers did there best with this one
despair  +   1804d ago
i'm suprised eurogamer does ridiculously hard reviews, so this game may have promise and 7 is not a bad score, they gave alan wake a 7 i believe.
Bobby Kotex  +   1804d ago
Well so far the game isn't getting very good reviews. I think this 7 is really a 7.
despair  +   1804d ago
yea too many better games out there to worry about this one...really wanted this to be a great game, it had a lot of promise.
kevnb  +   1804d ago
its a good game
rough around the edges, so the scores will be low... but review scores are worthless.
Dellis  +   1804d ago
This is game is so generic looking, concept seemed good but the bad devs and low funding really shows up.

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