Worth The Hype? Modnation Racers

Whats Mario Kart? Modnation Racers hit the world and was expected to wipe our memories clean of any other kart racer. Riding off the hype of Play-Create-Share motto from Little Big Planet, Modnation Racers gives racers the ability to create karts,mods and tracks. The possibilities of all the creations is only limited by your imagination but is it enough to be worth the hype?

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blackboyunltd3098d ago

modnation is worth the hype its just the damn loading times that kills it

Al Bundy3098d ago

What hype? There was no hype for this game. Alan Wake hype completely overshadowed what little hype this game had.

mau643098d ago

Yeah I've still yet to see much advertising from this game

GWAVE3098d ago

The patch should have taken care of the loading times.

This game seemed to fall through the cracks. Like many PS3 games, the media dismisses it in favor of a beta or a demo on the 360.


There are multiple patch coming, not only one.

morganfell3098d ago

I for one have been having a blast. As beta testers we received a nice set of free downloadables to add to the retail game as well.

The Wood3098d ago

i didnt get sh!t. better check my emails. I was on the private and public betas

morganfell3098d ago

The email I received specifically stated it was as a thanks for beta testing.

ShinnokDrako3098d ago

Yes, i got those too. Like the sackboy, the weird other one and... something else...?
Or more?

The Wood3098d ago

i hadnt checked but i got the sackboy and the flying dude+cart

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FACTUAL evidence3098d ago

Since when have this game been hyped?...No one hyped this....let alone, fanboys didn't even hype this.

kingdavid3098d ago

Had more hype at last years e3 then leading up to the games release imo.

Very quiet release.

boodybandit3098d ago

Just because the name of your site is analoghype doesn't mean you have to use that word in so many articles.

Mod Nation Racers is what it was suppose to be and does it well.
My only complaints are the load times. Hopefully they can fix them via a patch.

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Pein3098d ago

theres a lot of hype for the game and ads

unrealgamer583098d ago

Every bit, I've been hearing whining from people because of the AI. That's sad lol

Pennywise3098d ago

Because it is good? I am trying to rent it before I decide to buy or not... BB doesn't have it yet :\

mal_tez923098d ago

I played the demo, doing the same race over and over again, for 2 hours straight without noticing. It's really awesome and beats Mario Kart an almost every way

Pennywise3098d ago

lol... I forgot I downloaded the demo! I will give it a spin if I don't get a chance to rent it today.

wxer3098d ago

the AI is so good, they'll kick your ass ..... ALOT

betrayed gamer3098d ago

want to get this game but cant. need to get my car on the road.

ElementX3098d ago

I want a kart racer where your kart design affects the physics, speed, and handling of your vehicle. That would be sweet! Might get this, even though I don't like kart racers. :(

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