IncGamers Interview - Blizzard's Frank Pearce

Blizzard's Frank Pearce talks to IncGamers about Starcraft 2,, future IPs, and a whole lot more.

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Dorjan2797d ago

He's one cool cookie!

Maticus2797d ago

He's a funny guy, old Frank :P

sh8kes2797d ago

July 27th, not too far away

Leord2797d ago

Yep, counting the days! :)

Recka2797d ago

Gonna be a great date to me

UIOP2797d ago

Yeah, I have to admit, now that I have waited for so long.. it almost feel too soon.. >.<

Cogo2797d ago

Frank has this lovely manly voice, lol :)

Leord2797d ago

Hehe, you should have heard some of the comments we cut away :)

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