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CVG: Alpha Protocol's a technical turkey but it's also a gripping, innovative and deserving of both success and a sequel. It might look like a dog, but dig deep and you're in for an undercover treat - it's a stonking feeling when a game we were expecting to stink turns out to be a revelation. If you've any interest in RPGs that also deliver explosive action, don't let this double agent slip through the net.

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BeaArthur3066d ago

These kind of seem to be all over the place but none of them have been great reviews.

NeoBasch3066d ago

I don't know about you, but most people would consider an 84% at the college level to be very good. I think I'll trust the upper end, because they seem to account for Obsidian as a studio. Others expect some amazing AAA production, which is not what Obsidian does. They don't have a big enough staff to pull it off.

BeaArthur3066d ago

I said great, very good is not great.

Montrealien3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

yeah, lets argue about favorable reviews. Makes complete sense. It is getting good reviews, I guess I will never understand why people get a kick out of being a Debbie Downer on the internet.

This is a good game, that some people will like, and some people won't. Take it or leave it.


Yakuza is a perfect comparison actually. It seems that the same people who would praise Yakuza will knock down this game for some reason.


@ Montrealien

" Yakuza is a perfect comparison actually. It seems that the same people who would praise Yakuza will knock down this game for some reason. " very true, well it's not for SOME REASON, deep down we know exactly what the reason is and it's a real shame.

nycredude3066d ago

I am starting to see a pattern. The game looks to be a solid game hampered by technical issues and some poor design choices.

Yakuza 3 had the same issues and I loved it so I think i will keep my preorder and pick it up. The only thing is should I pick up the PC version instead? Anyone knows if they are using DRM?

Tony P3065d ago

They are certainly using DRM. But it's not as bad others, I guess. You need to activate it once online. You don't have to have a constant connection just to play the thing since they realize that's retarded. There's a workaround for customers without connection. And it will be phased out eventually, according to Sega.

I am definitely getting the PC version. Always get the PC version of an Obsidian game. You can always get good official and unofficial patches for it. Sounds like the game will need them.

3066d ago
ian723066d ago

I just got this game £31.20 from Tesco (UK). Haven't played it yet, will be later. Reviews have been all over the place from 5 to mid 8's. As long as I enjoy it thats all that matters.

thief3066d ago

I guess if you liked Mass Effect or Deus Ex, this is a must buy. Despite the modest score, this looks like a must-buy if you like action-RPGs with a spy thriller slant to it.

"insane levels of customisation and a thumping near-future dose of espionage and sinister conspiracy"
That sounds like fun. One of those games where gameplay is indeed far more important than graphics.

"where the bad guys are occasionally good, the good guys invariably bad and everyone else is hovering somewhere in between."
Seems like probably better than Mass Effect in terms of presenting the story in shades of grey.

Montrealien3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

yeah, I just played the beginning last night and I am looking forward to play it more this weekend, it is one deep game. And if you liked games like ME and Deux ex, you will not be disappointed. And no, it is not better then ME2, or Deux X, but who cares, it is still one hell of a game, and the favorable reviews are showing that.


Got it on the 360, and it seems just fine. I am sure every version is good, but it defiantly has modding potential on the PC.

nycredude3066d ago

Are you playing on the consoles or PC?

nycredude3066d ago

Thanks. I preordered and paid for the Ps3 but I am thinking maybe I should just get the pc version since I just paid lots for a gaming laptop.

thief3066d ago

nycredude - it seems like graphics are not this game's strong point, so maybe just buy depending on whether you like mkb or gamepad. I guess that gaming laptop will be useful to run Crysis in all its glory!