Too Much Time Gaming?

We are gaming to the tune of 13 hours a week on average. According to an independent study from research group NDP the average time gamers spend doing their thing a week has risen from 12.3 hours a week up to 13 hours a week.

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sahar2433007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

you can spend as much time as you want playing games and i wouldn't say that its weird or too much.
i usually spend 5-6 hours a week playing games but much more when i get my hands on a new game.

sorry for my english :)

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duplissi3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

lol @ bubbles for his trolling comment..... to bad dude looks like you tried a little too hard on that one.... try to be a little more subtle on your next attempt.

edit i saw one of your previous comments.

UnSelf3006d ago

rats lol

good catch though

Tomdc3006d ago

All things are bad for you in excess. No matter how fun or good for you it is. Everything.

klado3006d ago

You really need some good English class lol, umm tend to get tired quickly of being in the same spot sometimes so gaming's time spent is not a matter for me.

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chak_3007d ago

according to xfire I'm more around 20/30 (big fork I know)

That's not enough :D

luckily I got a wife otherwise.... 60 maybe? ^^

UnSelf3006d ago

that controller just made my skin crawl

CobraKai3006d ago

Me too. It makes me wanna barf.

HurstDarkStar3006d ago

then watch most of the crap on t.v now a days

DlocDaBudSmoka3006d ago

since RDR came out ive played that for atleast 8 hrs a day. 13hrs sounds casual to me, cant get anything done in 13hrs a week.

waltercross3006d ago

I been playing Demon Souls and GoW3 all week!.

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The story is too old to be commented.