New Alpha Protocol Review Surfaces in Spain’s Official Playstation Magazine

"This new Alpha Protocol Review comes, once again, from Spain, courtesy of the local Official Playstation Magazine"

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Bluemaster773039d ago

Highest Rating ive seen so far maybe there is hope ??

Tony P3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Mixed scores are preferable.

I would be more worried if they were *consistently bad scores*. That many have rated it higher than average should tell you that at least some major features are done very right.

It's imperfect, but seems to have some worthwhile depth which is honestly the performance I've come to expect out of Obsidian.

I'm glad some reviewers would rather see the game for it's strengths than bludgeon it with its flaws.

kwyjibo3039d ago

The score pretty much depends on how easily you can look past the game's flaws.

Some see an unpolished diamond, others just see the blemishes. As for me, I won't be touching it until it hits the bargin bin.

Silentmerc3nary3039d ago

Glad to see a decent review. All the other reviews are knocking it for crappy graphics and dated gameplay. This review does mention that a bit, but they don't knock it down three points for it (looking at you, Gametrailers).

RagTagBnd4453039d ago

Have you tried the game? The controls are very bad, and stealth is almost impossible. The graphics are not that bad.

mrv3213039d ago

I think some people have a problem with numbers and how if you aim for the head they should die.

If numbers are on screen like VATS then it's ok... because you can blame the game, but if there's no numbers it's the players fault and they can't accept the fact they aren't too good.

I'm buying this game cheap, I don't have the money.

asyouburn3039d ago

if you could potentially bust head shots at level one, then whats the point of spending "skill points" on gun skill

ShiftyLookingCow3039d ago

seeing the other reviews, this article may very well have been titled "New Dead Body surfaces in Spain".