Platform Nation: DLC Breaks Unwritten Rules

Chris Forbis from Platform Nation tells us some of the developers that broke the unwritten rules of DLC. - "Why is it that some DLC makes you wonder just what the developers were thinking? Should I really need to buy more armor or weapons to enjoy a game ? While some DLC hits their target dead on, others leave me wondering WTF."

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Darkfiber3120d ago

I prefer weapon and armor DLC to story DLC. Makes it feel completely optional, rather than make you feel like you're completely missing out on a chunk of the game that was intended to be in it from the start.

BeaArthur3120d ago

I hate all DLC with the exception of multiplayer support.

SuperStrokey11233120d ago

Multiplayer DLC is the worst of all, thats one thing that should already be in the game 100%. New stories and weapons are great but they are not a must. Multiplayer (in many games) is a must and should not be charged more for.

BeaArthur3120d ago

You don't see anything wrong with cutting out part of the story and selling it to you later? And your going to tell me that new weapons for a few bucks is worth the money? I'd rather have multiplayer DLC any day. New maps to keep an experience fresh is the way to go.

Tony P3119d ago

I would enjoy most any DLC if it's not released alongside the game on the first damn day.

GrieverSoul3120d ago

This isnt stealth brag or anything but my opinion on DLC:

As long as it expands the game, fine by me! When you unlock something on the disc... OMG!! I get pi**** off!!

Gawdl3y3120d ago

I liked Mad Moxii's Arena! D:

vhero3120d ago

To be fair they put the weapons storage in that expansion pack to sell it as they knew nobody would buy it otherwise.

helrazor3433120d ago

"It's the horde wave! It's comin' ta eat-cha, om nom nom nom!" - Moxxi

SuperStrokey11233120d ago

I liked it and hated it. I thought it was great with 4 people but when you cut it down to just yourself... not nearly as good. That reminds me i still need to do finish the first playthrough of underdome to get my extra skill point. Will probably do that tonight.

SpoonyRedMage3120d ago

In my opinion most DLC should be free, it's meant to enhance the game and should be a reward for the fans.

But I can understand that they can't give away full expansions for free.

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