Meristation: Alpha Protocol Review

Alpha Protocol is primarily a very brave and made game of craft, besides being a game with an unexplored issue and a brilliant script. It is brave because few studies would take the trouble to structure a game where important people can be overlooked depending on the player's decisions, and it is rare to see a game that puts so much importance in the decisions and their consequences, even long term. But more importantly, it suggests a serious story Obsidian, without artifice or simplifications, a credible story, well mounted and well told, with some memorable characters that will leave the player very happy after reaching the final, happy enough to explore other items with a distinct personality and also to enjoy it again. A must for all who enjoy a good plot in a videogame, and recommended for those seeking something more than hitting shots in an action game.

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BYE2888d ago

This game really is getting mixed reviews from 5 to 8. Seems average.

Montrealien2888d ago

which means some people will like it, and other wont. Having done the intro last night, this game is pretty solid in my books. It is a good game.

BYE2887d ago

Spy rpg is exactly my genre, it just seems poorly executed when reading the reviews.

I might give it a gamefly anyway.

Montrealien2887d ago

sometimes it is technically retarded, but I have dealt with much worst in the past. The concept out weighs the technical problems imho.

ElementX2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

I don't want dated graphics and poor AI. This game is mediocre at best. This was the only game I was interested in for June release, now there's nothing.

BeaArthur2887d ago

Too many other games coming out this year to take a chance in wasting money on this one.

thief2887d ago

The way I plan things, is to buy niche titles like these and exchange them back for blockbuster, highly marketed games which sell milions anyway. Once I am done with this, for instance, will exchange back for RDR.

Ashta2887d ago

Why don't you just buy Red Dead Redemption and rent Alpha Protocol? You'll end up saving money in the long run.