Guerrilla: 'Killzone 2 lacked variety'

CVG: The main difference between Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 is variety, according to Guerrilla producer Steven Ter Heide.

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Dylantalon13041d ago

too much variety can be a bad thing, remember gamespot gave ratchet and clank a lower score because they said it had too much variety. anyway i cant wait for killzone 3 which im sure will be the best shooter of 2011.

solidjun53041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

He works for Bitbag now. That was a funny review.

Is it me or does CVG only takes segements of the interview and presents them as seperate news? Seriously, just show the whole thing.

solidjun53041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

I also recall Aaron Thomas (I could be wrong) writing a piece about Uncharted 2 not deserving all those perfect scores but at the same time writing about his friend who is terminally ill. Was that him? Either way, I thought it was inappropriate. He's using his sick friend in that way.

Kleptic3041d ago

oh yeah...Gamespot's now famous 2007 collapse...Aaron Thomas drops a 7.5 on a game averaging over 90 because of too much 'variety'...and Ryan Davis's only complaint about Uncharted (giving it an 8 i believe) was the 'tough and frequent enemies are frustrating at times'...basically slapping a game for having good AI?...ok, I guess...

Davis is at giantbomb now, with gerstmann...who was by far one of the best, and still is, reviewers around imo...he is the dude that got canned from GS for saying kane and lynch did good for him...giantbomb is better anyway...and he owns it...

Chubear3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Ahhh, great improvments with your squeals, that's what I like to see. Great work GG.

My fav from GS has always been "Motorstorm: meh not much stuff to race with - 7.9/10" then Motorstorm2 comes out with 5times the amount of "stuff" and it's

"Motorstorm2 - 8/10" I couldn't stop laughing for a week.

Maybe better was gametrialer's "Motorstorm1: no destruction derby mode - 7.8/10" but give more of that 9/10 for Perfect dark zero :P Just go take a look at GT review and listen to the tone of the review and refresh your memory of this "launch" title and remember what it was like to be a PS3 exclusive.

There are games out today that don't have "variety" or enough modes that get 9s a lot but no problemo for them lol

Inside_out3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Next thing there are gonna say is KZ 2 sucked, this one doesn't...Why is things so desperate at Guerrilla and Sony that they want to spoil the entire game before it comes out...I mean the game is not out till 2011...

They have reviewers playing demo's...WTF is that...UNLESS it's coming out this year...I don't know...Kotaku had a go at the demo and thinks it needs some work...these guy's need a time out...'s the u-tube cammed video of just saying...

solidjun53041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Desperate? What the hell are you talking about? Oh that's right, you don't know what you're talking about. They have reviewers playing the demo? Yea, it's a demo and it's being played by people in the industry. Plus they get feedback for the game to be more polished. Use your brain for something more constructive instead of your constant trolling. Your troll rap sheet is longer than Suge Knight's criminal record. That's a lot. Just saying.

DigitalAnalog3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

You think too small. That's not spoiling. Remember the game is 10x bigger. Oh that's right, you're still stuck with DVD9.

Channngeeee DISC!!!

-End statement

WLPowell3041d ago

I totally remember jet packs, removable gun turrets with homing missles, melee-death sequences, and snow in KZ2... Totally remember that... You're so right!/s

But I guess you mean the visuals/graphics are similar... Still looks better than anything on any console I've seen.

n4gno3040d ago

Desperate ? the word is only usefull for delusionals bots like you, in total denial land. :)

they are talking about more variety (who is not always a good stuff), and the fanboy translate "desperate", kz2 is one the best game from 2009, have better graphics than anything you can play, and sold well, where is the problem ? (in your brain, i know)

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nycredude3041d ago

The title is BS. They were never actually quoted to say this. They said they didn't have as much as they wanted and Killzone 3 will have much more!

FACTUAL evidence3041d ago

I think GG knows what they are doing. It's not the fact that GG's KZ2 sucked, the point is that KZ2 seems a little dull to theme being as they are adding a lot of new things in two. If GG is saying that about their title that people loved, just imagine how 3 is going to be...They talk about lack of variety so all i can speculate is: Better/more weapons, better game modes, some sort of online co-op.

FragGen3041d ago

Sometimes it's okay to stick with the forumula and refine it... I think if they add just a *little* variety it'll spice it up but still get the magical mix of KZ2. I definitely think KZ2's Single player was a nice high standard and the MP was sweet... loved the bots, too.

But I also think it can be overdone. I felt Gears 2 crossed the line a bit... the worm level and some other stuff just felt like it was put in for critics rather than gamers.

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tripewire3041d ago

I was just playing the final push upto Visari palace.

Man Killzone 2 is APESH*T. HUD and reticule off, Vivid TV setting.... F*cking gorgeous, f*cking hectic.

FangBlade3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Whats with the F*cking?
Just say fucking and get it over with.

nix3041d ago

yup.. the final chapter is just too epic.

KZ2 still is the only FPS i own. and i'm not a FPS fan.

great news is that KZ3 is going to be better. yay!

Kleptic3041d ago

I guess its great that GG feels that way, but i didn't...I loved both halves of the game...its NOT a corridor shooter like many who haven't played it try to label it...

only complaint I have single player wise was Rico...Radec was absolutely awesome as a villain...but Rico was equally at the other extreme...and its obvious now he is back for killzone 3...make him less of a total douche and i probably won't have a single complaint about killzone 3's single player...

tinybigman3041d ago

i have a friend who's constantly trying to convince me that the game was overhyped and didnt look that great because it wasnt artistic enough. i told him it didnt matter to me because i still loved the game from beginning to end, and i play games to enjoy not be overly critical of them.

BeaArthur3041d ago

I would agree, I enjoyed KZ2 but I would have liked to see some different locales.

8thnightvolley3041d ago

imagine seeing killzone3 in green folliage in a level and alot more colour that would be something nice to see

maka3041d ago

still have more variety than most FPS

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