Destructoid: Killzone 3: Stab a Helghast in the eye... in 3D

destructoid writes:

While Killzone 3 begins without missing a beat, Guerrilla has already been working on the title for just under two years, beginning in January of last year as Killzone 2 wrapped production. The team was pleased with the sequel and its reception, but knew it could do better. In the wake of huge PS3 experiences like God of War III and Uncharted 2, the studio knew that the bar had been raised. It had to increase the scale of the game across the board, had to "dial it up to 11" with bigger weapons, smarter enemies, and larger, more varied environments.

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itchy183095d ago

"a knife to the throat, a kick to the face, twisting my blade in the eye of an enemy."

holy sh*t!

i've been telling my brother about this when i was playing killzone 2 and now it came true! *big smile*

Redrum0593095d ago

The bar raised, yet again.

garos823095d ago

its a shame i wont be able to enjoy the 3d aspect of the game any time soon :( unless i win the lottery and then ill be getting myself a sweet 3d home cinema system with 7.1 suround sound(in the bahamas!)

raztad3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

come on garos, would you be going to BAHAMAS to play with your PS3? thats a crime :D

Ot: I'd love to experience KZ3 in 3D, but as for many, a 3DTV is not remotely an option until prices drop substantially.

garos823095d ago

@raz of course i wouldnt be going to the bahamas to play on ps3. i would be LIVING in the bahamas and i would so happen to own a home cinema 7.1 suround with a 3dtv! one can hope right :)

Inside_out3095d ago

I'm glad there is no swearing...not when we can stab people in the eye's in 3D...Joey, stop swearing...go stab somebody in the eye like Rico...ok mom...At Sony...we care...

D4RkNIKON3095d ago

lol, Did GOW3 swear? or just rip off heads and what not.

BattleAxe3095d ago

F*** people who don't like swearing.

Das_Bastardion3095d ago

with the inferiority of the xbox absolutely proved :)

BlackKnight3095d ago

Why is this getting agrees? Its trolling and has nothing to due with the article. I wish this community would shape the hell up. So few comments are worth reading.


Rico this time don't have the Tourette Syndrome?

Dellis3095d ago

So the game will bring 3D Glasses like the Batman game?..

or are they hyping a feature less then 1% of current

PS3 gamers will use?

nycredude3095d ago

Umm whatever the percentage will be the fact that you have the option to use it counts as something doesn't it. I would much rather have a porsche to drive in my garage and not drive it than have nothing in my garage. So STFU debbie downer.

bjornbear3095d ago

you'd find another thing to bitch and moan about, so yeah they come with 3D for less than 1% of the current PS3 gamers

(wrong data for sure but im giving you the benefit of the doubt)

but when the game comes will surely be more than 1%, consider that?

nope you didn't..why would you? it requires THINKING

redsquad3095d ago

'Tis called "future proofing" sir... Believe it or not, it's a positive thing.

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