Official: Crackdown 2 Is Done, Demo Will Surprise People

GT: Crackdown 2 is officially done and ready for certification. John Noonan, a dev from Ruffian Games just confirmed the news on his twitter account. The game was submitted for certification last night.

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movements3119d ago

The first was great. Looking forward to the second!

N4GAddict3119d ago

Second will be even better.

BeaArthur3119d ago

Glad to see there is going to be a demo. Hopefully soon.

N4GAddict3119d ago

I think you can get early access.

8thnightvolley3119d ago

enjoyed the first .. so i am looking forward to this.. in 4 player coop ..OHH YEAH

N4GAddict3119d ago

Crackdown 2 is worth it for co-op alone.

kingdavid3119d ago

I expect the demo to be up during e3.

Glitch1003119d ago

I'm excited :D 16 Player multiplayer, and there hasn't been much coverage of that - Something secret ;) Also any news on the demo release, and whats included?