Top 5 Best Movie Tie-In Games Ever

Following up the Worst Movie Tie-ins, this week XG checks out the Best. It might not be the game you're expecting at No. 1...

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GUCommander3070d ago

Not to be "that guy" but where's Goldeneye? :P

The Tingler3070d ago

Heh, that might be the one you're expecting, but you ain't gonna get it!

Palodios3070d ago

I don't get it. He sets aside two rules to be on the list, Goldeneye breaks one, and Wolverine breaks one. He could have just changed the rules too. I think he just didn't want it on the list.

ReservoirDog3163070d ago

I never tried goldeneye. Didn't care about shooters back then.

But I always thought Spiderman 2 and LotR 2 were the best movie games ever. I played both of those so much.

Great list. These lists always forget LotR 2.

chasegarcia3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Goldeneye is and was terrible. It is garbage just like the N64.

Monk3y3070d ago

if any game in the world is overrated, it would def. be Goldeneye. its full of shiat :o

Imperator3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Are you guys serious? wow. I loved Goldeneye.

DaysUntold3070d ago

wow...that's fanboyism on a whole new level...

SilverSlug3070d ago

in the year 2000?

Where is Aladdin? That was a very very good game.

NecrumSlavery3070d ago

Aladdin and The Lion King

The two greatest SNES/SEGA Genesis Disney games ever. I would really love to see a fully HD remake of those classic games from Virgin/Disney Interactive.

The Tingler3070d ago

I said why not Aladdin or Lion King - They came out long after the movie. Aladdin for example was a full year afterwards.

And didn't you see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade there?

Kingdom Come3070d ago

Ah Spiderman 2, how I loved you...

Rocket Sauce3070d ago

Right on, brothaman. Why do Spiderman games have to suck now?

pkb793070d ago

Star wars games don't count?

NecrumSlavery3070d ago

Was the only one who actually liked Obi Wan for the original Xbox

The Tingler3070d ago

Only actual ones based on the movies that came out at the same time as the films. That's pretty much just The Phantom Menace, Bounty Hunter and Revenge of the Sith sadly.

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The story is too old to be commented.