Red Dead Lassos 'too complicated for multiplayer'

CVG: Rockstar explains why you can't hog-tie your friends.

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Pennywise3042d ago

But you can't even hogtie NPCs online... Hogwash.

DJexs3041d ago

For sure I think they should put it in and let it be used on npcs only (and maybe players with a huge bounty on them). This would add more to free roam you could do bounty hunter challenges.

Cherchez La Ghost3041d ago

Just keep the DLC coming! Love this game!

BeaArthur3041d ago

That would be cool if you could hogtie in multiplayer. That would be the ultimate insult. Hogtie another player and just leave him/her there.

UnSelf3041d ago

or drag him behind ur car for 50 miles

too soon?

SPARTANVI3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

is to lasso an NPC then drag him maybe a 1/4 mile behind the horse. Granted I have to go slower than I'd like else he'd break loose, but it's still hilarious.

Wish I could do this in MP, but it would make "griefing" worse than it already is.

Jac5al3041d ago

Got to pick this up soon, Btw RIP Gary Coleman.

Tony-A3041d ago

Yea, just heard about Coleman.

LordMarius3041d ago

This was a major disappointment of mine
Lazy Devs

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The story is too old to be commented.