Argos Date And Price GT5

TheSixthAxis: UK retailer has updated their pricing and release date for Gran Turismo 5. Placeholder? Maybe, and there's nothing confirmed from Sony, but interesting perhaps?


Post updated. Sony have said they haven't announced a date yet.

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Brodiesan2916d ago

Sure, why not ... they have to release it sometime ... right? RIGHT?!

B00M2916d ago

£47! More than MW2. Hope it changes by then or this is a mistake. But August isn't too far away =D

Vip3r2916d ago

Argos always charge full RRP.

cwir2916d ago

not true. lastest example: Read Dead Redemption PS3 - £34.99

Joe29112916d ago

GT5 is worth that price, MW2 should have been about 10 quid, for a half hearted piece of sh*t

BeaArthur2916d ago

Nothing but speculation. Although it seems more and more that it will be released this year, so that's good news.

user94220772916d ago

It's been confirmed it will be released this year on several occasions.

B00M2916d ago

Actually yeah that's a point, you just reminded me cheers.

Corrwin2916d ago

Yeah, why not. Everybody else has made up a date at one point!

Denethor_II2916d ago

This game really has to potential to shift a lot of consoles worldwide.

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