Ex-Microsoft Studio Boss Clarifies Natal Comments

NowGamer: Scot Bayless has responded to NowGamer's earlier story, calling Project Natal potentially 'transformative'

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kasasensei3119d ago

Emergency Damage Control : on

pixelsword3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Well, you know, I can respect him wanting to clarify himself, so I'll accept his addendum; but in all honesty, he ought to have done that when he answered the questions at his interview.

So, based upon what he has said so far:

It will fail because of the late arrival, but it's impressive...

Eh, it'll depend on the acceptance of the responsiveness plus the software. But like I have always said, time will tell; give it a chance.

Abash3119d ago

I really don't care about Natal anymore. I'd probably end up buying one or two games that really put it to use anyways.

Besides, I can already see a quick price drop happening a few months after it releases.

dragonelite3119d ago

That's the industry always giving shitty ass selective quoting without covering the whole story making it seem people saying stuff they didn't say in that context.

Bigpappy3119d ago

The guy never said anything negative against Natal. He just thought the it would be better to integrate.

Inside_out3119d ago

This guy wasn't even working for M$ at the to remove foot from mouth....this guy's a mess...yes I did, no I didn't..PLEASE..stop talking...NOBODY more consulting fees for him...

VenGencE9993118d ago

lol, that's EXACTLY what happened, no matter what is said publicly. We've all seen this before...

Marceles3119d ago

Gold robots busted through his house while he was sleep last night

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BeaArthur3119d ago

That's back tracking if I've ever seen it.

Al Bundy3119d ago

I get the feeling that he was coerced into this.

mcgrawgamer3119d ago

sudden suspension of one's unemployment check will do that to you. I think MSFT sent the same guys in dark suits to his house that Acti sent to the IW office.

1Victor3119d ago

the bank to cash the check.

logikil3119d ago

Reading both articles, how exactly did he backtrack his statement? In the first article he mentioned that unless MS were to integrate the hardware of Natal into the 360 so that a greater portion of the 360 base had the tech, that it was likely to fail. He never backed off that statement. His need to clarify was due to the title of the article. If in passing, you simply look at the title, then you have no context to go along with the statement and are therefore left with the idea that this person simply believes the product will fail. His initial concern with the fractured user base has nothing to do with his thoughts on the actual potential use of the technology.

Also someone mentioned something about unemployment checks? What the hell does that have to do with anything. He said he hasn't worked for MS since 2002. I doubt that MS is paying this guy all that much anymore. If anything EA probably had more to say to him than MS considering they plan to support this tech and have a partnership with MS and other console providers.

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The story is too old to be commented.