Blizzard Strikes Back at Korean eSports Association

Blizzard Entertainment and Gom-TV are signing and exclusive broadcasting agreement for Blizzard games.

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Maticus3041d ago

I wonder if this will be bad for e-Sports business.

Leord3041d ago

It will definitely be bad for KeSPA's business.

If what Mike says is true though, they simply want to be involved rather than making loads of money.

Also, KeSPA has illegally sold Blizzard's rights to others anyway.

Bandreus3041d ago

Totally agree. Blizzard being way more involved is definitely good in my opinion

Cogo3041d ago

Nah, that will be ok :)

Bandreus3041d ago

I think this should be something good. I mean, think to the HUGE betting scandal which has been around the news. Anyway, the guys at Gom-TV are very passionate and know how to deliver good quality work. At least seems a good re-start for Blizz in the Korean eSports scene, but we shall see

King Klear3041d ago

Idon't undrstand this, but I'm still interested to see where this will lead..

Cogo3041d ago

Too long, didn't read? :)

Well, it does require a little bit of reading to understand. It's a different mentality there.

RedDevils3041d ago

some people like reading comic :P

Djorgo3041d ago

KeSPA seems like a bunch of wankers, tbh.

Fyzzu3041d ago

Mmhmm. Odd situation, but not a good one.

Bandreus3041d ago

Matters in Korea have been twisting quite a bit. I really don't think this will be the end, since eSports is something so BIG, the KeSPA guys and the networks formerly owning rights will likely be coming back as aggressively as they can.

Djorgo3041d ago

Will indeed be very interesting to see how they respond on Monday.

SCFreelancer3041d ago

I seems to me that KeSPA is a mess internally if they let things come this far. Selling rights you do not hold is a big mistake. At that point there was no way Blizzard could let them be.

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The story is too old to be commented.