G4tv: Pre-E3 2010: Killzone 3 Interview with Guerrilla Games

G4tv writes:
For those not sated with our Killzone 3 first look and hands-on preview, perhaps you'd prefer to dig into these details from the gurus at Guerrilla Games? We sat down with Hermen Hulst, managing director, and Steven Terheide, senior producer, and made them give up the goods on their new shooter. Between jetpacks, 3D and more Killzone, we just got that much more excited.

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deafwing3120d ago

.. seriously this is overload

Will-UK3120d ago

so much news but this interview just talked about a space mission

Dellis3120d ago

Is kinda funny that this game is now treated like its nothing special, remember back before the 2008 E3??
everybody thought the game was going to be all this and all that, then it came out and it was trashed and nobody bought it like expected, it was simply a flop specially seeing how much it cost.

Now the game is basically nothing special, lets release all the info before E3 and whatever, Sony clearly doesn't expect this to sell as it won't sell anyways.

DK_Kithuni_713120d ago

Yup! It's Killzone 3, baby..

orange-skittle3119d ago

But this one will not flop. They will saturate the market with posters a commercials to make sure this is a system seller like God of War 3 and Uncharted 2. So far, it looks too much like the other version, but I am sure within a year it will look really beautiful.