Steam: A Cynical View

Critical Gamer writes: While not attempting to broadcast it on a global scale, I also have not hidden my dislike for Steam. Dislike probably isn’t a strong enough word, but it’s the best I can hope for with my editor metaphorically staring over my shoulder with a Scottish slang booklet in one hand and a guide to Japanese cursing in the other in case I try to get creative.

A very important differentiation needs to be made here. While I really, really dislike Steam that is not to say that I dislike Valve (at least not to the same degree). There is a distinction between the two. It’s like in school when you had that one friend with the really horrible sibling you had to spend time with when you visited them. You put up with it, because…well, because your friend had a Mega Drive in my case. Moving on.

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scruffy_bear3043d ago

Same here I don't like it at all

mjolliffe3042d ago

I don't use it, though I can see why others do :)

pangitkqb3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

as well as other Digital Distribution channels such as Direct 2 Drive and Impulse.

Regarding Steam directly I appreciate that it has a huge library, quick download speeds, and a large, active community.

The article complains about Steam's price but I have received nothing but great deals via Steam by waiting for sales. Looking at my account right now I paid L4D2 $29, Crysis & Crysis Warhead $39, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Assassins Creed & Mirrors Edge only $5 each, Orange Box $20, GTA IV $7.49, FarCry 1 & 2 $15 together, 3 Overlord Games bundled for $8.75, etc... Why did I buy so many games? BECAUSE THOSE SALE PRICES WERE PLAINLY FANTASTIC!

In fact, Steam even has a growing library for MACS. I enjoy playing games I purchased on my PC gaming rig on my new Macbook Pro (which I am writing this message on). I can download the game for a second time on my Mac and play all I want with ZERO additional cost. That doesn't sound evil to me. Does it sound so bad to you?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Steam has been nothing but great for my PC/mac gaming hobby. Steam even gave me Portal for free last week and I have been playing on both PC and Mac.

amigaman3042d ago

I saw a good deal on steam for racing pack, here on N4G.COM. I signed up and installed steam. I was going to purchase the racing pack, but I decided to download the Dirt demo, just to see if it works on my PC. After install, I try to start the game and nothing, it did not work, so much for PC games :( So, I uninstalled it. I just stick with console games, at least I know it will work. ( I have quad core PC with decent video card, it should have worked).

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Mondayding3043d ago

Gotta use it some times - good for ironing shirts!

scruffy_bear3043d ago

LOL, nice I bet you Valve would mess that up too

Pidgeridoo3043d ago

I don't like it. It's a pain if you have a bad internet connection.

iamgoatman3042d ago

It can be a massive pain in the arse with a dial-up connection, which is why I buy hard copies of my games. But some games now require a Steam activation, and although activation is relatively easy, the compulsory game updates are sometimes impossible to download with a slow connection.

Matthew943042d ago

why do you still have dial up??

Jockie3043d ago

I'm a bit of a Steam apologist, I use Steam for socialising, add non-steam games to it so I can take advantage of the overlay, am a member of several Steam communities and watch out for the weekend specials like a hawk. I'd probably even go as far as to say that Steam saved PC gaming, both in terms of mass market games and bringing indie games to the mainstreams attention.

Letros3042d ago

It's a bit of a child's rant, and publishers set the prices of games, not Steam.

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The story is too old to be commented.