The Top 5 Games Of 2010 So Far

It's been quite a year already. Within 5 months we've had a stronger selection of Triple A games than in any previous year. So what are the top 5 games so far in 2010? Read on...

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Spydiggity3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

and no matter what you say, you're going to be evil in someone's eyes here on n4g.

just say "i love all the games" and you MIGHT be safe.

as for hell with safe.
top 5 (in no particular order - sept number 1)
Alan Wake

(bioshock 2 as a runner up, in case one of the contestants becomes ill or dies, and bayonetta too)

I didn't realize it til just now, but 360 really has hit a few home runs this year...which is a nice change over 2009. alan wake (which i have on pause right now to catch my breath) is NOT the graphical marvel many people wanted it to be, but it's still a great game. and SC:C is a blast!

not to take away from gow3 which is easily the most polished button masher (though i do have huge issues with the lack of camera controls. jumping off cliff edges just to see if there's a hidden chest down below was a huge pain in the ass).
If LBP2 hits this year, 2010 will be a great year for both systems. glad i own both :)

thor3119d ago


I must say I never jumped off a cliff edge to find a hidden chest in GoW3, and I'm pretty sure I got all the chests. I thought the camera angles were fine.

knight6263119d ago

Thank god for opinions

my top 5 so far in no particular order

God of War 3
heavy Rain
Mass Effect 2
Red Dead Redemption
Super Mario Galaxy

Only reason Alan Awake or Splinter Cell is not on my list is because its my own opinion that they not on the list

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Spydiggity3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

but sending me a msg completely unrelated to the topic in the comments section of an article in a pathetic attempt to call me out is what a big man would you're a joke kid, try to keep it on topic

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Arnon3118d ago

5. Heavy Rain - It's a great title with a lot of plot twists and neat characters. Only issue I had with it were some plot holes and voice acting.

4. Alan Wake - Basically, it suffers the same issues as Heavy Rain. It has some great characters with some funny dialog, and some very nice and believable settings.

3. God of War III - Epic game. That's really all that needs to be said about it. It was a little short for my standards. But aside from this, it was very enjoyable.

2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Incredibly fun game. The story (whatever story there needs to be for a Mario game) wasn't as interesting as the first one in my eyes, but nevertheless, it's very enjoyable.

1. Mass Effect 2 - One of the games that I can say will have a hard time being beat. Everything from the combat to the story is top-notch. The character interaction is outstanding. The graphics (while running on the UE3) look superb, and the level of choice is bar-none.

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chrisnick3119d ago

yet another person who suffers from "well I played it lately so everything b4 isn't as good as what i played just now"...GOW3 is easily top 2...go play it again, refresh your memory.

STICKzophrenic3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

How is that the case?

Bad Company 2, Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain all released before God of War 3.

Just because it's in your top two, doesn't mean it's in everyone's top two.

Gamehead363119d ago

not having gow3 up there is a sin and this author should be punished

chrisnick3119d ago

so you're saying that bfbc2 and heavy rain are better than gow3? Otherwise it would be in your top 2 as well...unless mario is your #2. I'd tie up ME2 and Gow3 together.

WildArmed3119d ago

I'm surprised GoW3 wasn't up there..
While Heavy Rain and BC2 were.

I dont have a Wii so no mario for me.
I'd throw in SC:C and GoW3 in that list somewhere.

And the most 'fun' game i've played all year was:

WKC -.- lol

STICKzophrenic3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I was commenting about the fact that you said "well I played it lately so everything b4 isn't as good as what i played just now".

It seemed like you were inferring he only included games he recently played, when he included three games that released prior to GoW3.

I honestly can't comment on where the games rank because I've only played ME2 and am currently playing through RDR, though I do want to play HR and GoW3.

I was simply saying that he made his list for his personal favorites of the year and his opinion is that GoW3 isn't in his top five so far this year. You rank GoW3 in the top two, while he doesn't. You can't argue with his opinion.

IcarusOne3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

But that's about it. Most of the games on the list look like their feature strong gameplay over anything else.

Heavy Rain - unique and daring
ME2 - still the only game to make in-game conversations thrilling and playable
BFBC2 - destructibility and chaos
RDR - as the writer said, "a masterpiece in open world design"
SMG2 - never played it, but it's Wii, so there's that

GOW3 is pretty, but nothing about the physical gameplay was revolutionary or different. It was just like all the GOW games, just reallyfuckingbeautiful.

@ Spydiggity
Love your list. SC:C was soooo much fun. And while I wasn't blown away by Alan Wake, it was definitely a solid effort. The atmosphere alone deserves accolades.

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StanLee3119d ago

The top 5 games this year have been Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Super Street Fighter IV, Red Dead Redemption and Super Mario Galaxy 2; that's based solely on reviews however. A list based on anything else is an opinion piece.

Imalwaysright3119d ago

Yeah because reviews arent opinions.

sikbeta3119d ago

I have 2, God Of War III First, RDR Second, I want to say HR, but lets just leave it a that...

JokesOnYou3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

lol, it wouldn't be the first time but honestly I'd put Bayonetta and AW in my top 5 this year....although, I'm sure games like Super Mario Galaxy 2(which I haven't played), and BBC2 deserve to be in the top 5, I just wasn't really feeling 'em, like I did with the others, personally for my tastes, my top 5 would looked like this:

Alan Wake

Seriously I'm having a love it and hate it thing with RDR right now, its soo good but alot of little annoying problems too.


NeoBasch3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I haven't finished RDR or SMG2 yet, but here's my picks for GotY thus far. Actually, I've done this before. I'll just copy and paste a previous comment. I still think God of War III is my personal fav thus far. The list that follows is in order from most likely for me. All in all, a very good year:

1) God of War III
2) Mass Effect 2
3) Heavy Rain
4) Final Fantasy XIII
5) Bayonetta

I've played a lot of games (read close to twenty) this year. It was hard to come up with a Top 5, but I honestly believe these five are the best of the best thus far.

God of War III, for me, has been insanely fun. The direction is superb; almost felt like I was playing the role of Kratos in a grand movie. The epic scale has never been accomplished before, served as an excellent piece of homage to the mythology that shaped it. Very well done Santa Monica. So far so good. Let's see if you can hold steady for the rest of the year.

Mass Effect 2 comes second because it's damn good. I love the direction and characters. I felt the story didn't quite measure up to the first, but the sequel improves on just about everything else. The dialog has been a tad more guided. Less room for choice. Thankfully, there are loads of sidequests: some awesome, some not so much. While, the game remains EXTEMELY linear, I felt that for the most part the level design was done tastefully. I hardly noticed how linear each level was as the game progressed. There was still the odd ball like Okeer's mission. However, for the most part, very well done. Except for the elevators. I'd rather have it back to the long cutscene in the elevator. At least, I could hear the news on my way around the Citadel.

Heavy Rain is a no brainer because of the direction alone. The experience is unparalleled in today's video games. Heavy Rain is not about having fun. It's about being emotionally involved. That's why HR will always hold a special place in my heart. The meaning will prove significant for years to come. I'll also be the first to praise the story, which received unnecessary hate for nonexistent plot holes. Each were fully explained if you were paying attention, except perhaps one or two minor ones, which turned out to be more of a joke.

I don't want to start a flame war, so I'll just say the FFXIII deserves to be on their for being perhaps one of the most intense RPGs of all time. The game is primarily awarded with this position because of the marvelous second half (Palumpolum onwards), but also because of the uber complex and Gene Wolfe like story. I'm now more invested in FFXIII's world than any other SE has created. Let me be the first to say congradulations.

Bayonetta lastly rounds out the Top 5 with it's satirical nature and hysterical approach to the action genre. Torturing angels was incredibly fun. The direction was fairly creative, and the level designs tremendous, especially towards the end. I wouldn't be able to describe how I felt when I fought Bayonett'a arch nemesis across the metropolis' skyscrapers. Epic is an understatement. Surely flashy would be the first among my words, but in a good way. Also, this and God of War III are neck and neck for Best Art Direction. Bayonetta is that good.

Regardless, gamers should appreciate 2010. It's been a great year thus far. Now, I'm going to get back to some Alan Wake if you don't mind, which I might add is incredibly amazing.

ASIDE: I can't believe my picks mostly coincide with the Joker's. lol I'm loving Alan Wake right now. If it keeps it up, and the future DLC capitalizes on the concept of the game, then it will most likely boot Bayonetta off the list.

Freak of Nature3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Posted in wrong area,sorry!

otherZinc3118d ago

1.Mass Effect 2
2.Red Dead
3.Alan Wake
5.Splinter Cell:Conviction

Any list with Heavy Rain on it is the worst list!

pimpmaster3118d ago

i think heavy rain was way overrated. its a rare kind of game but the horrible voice acting and all the quick time events. this games an 7-8 at best

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Nathan Drake23119d ago

battlefield change with gow3 and you have the right list

SA1NTofKILLERS3119d ago

Bayonetta? GOW3? Darksiders? FF XIII (didn't like it myself but know those who did)? Perfect Dark? Allen Wake?

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