UFC 2010 - Top 5 Tips For Career Mode

You may have noticed that UFC 2010's career mode is tough. Very tough. Stat degradation is vicious, and if you're not careful you can end up going into important fights with a ''0' next to some of your attributes. So follow our quick Top 5 tips to get you fighting fit and in shape.

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T9X693099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Who ever wrote this should be smacked in the face. #2 Auto Spar. Yea my ass, NEVER auto spar NEVER. You get like 10-20 points at the most with lv. 4 trainer. All you have to do is takedown your training partner, stand right back up, lean over and spam punches at him for 2min. This will give you anywhere from 100-150 stat points to spend instead of 10-20 like this article suggest.

EDIT: Also, don't upgrade ANY stats unless you can make them go from 0-30, 30-50, or 50-70 instantly because your just wasting points. After you cap everything at 70 you can either keep saving up points so at the end of your career you can max all your stats to 100, or spend your points through the career making your fights easier.

krisq3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I'm gonna use'em. Just starting a career. Bubble+

3099d ago