Blade Kitten coming to Xbox 360 and Windows PC

According to the ESRB, the upcoming Playstation Network game, Blade Kitten, is also heading to the Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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Demons Souls2823d ago

I won't buy episodic games like this and Sonic 4 until they are all bundled together (and even then I would wait for a price drop on the bundle).

Blacktric2823d ago

Same goes for DLC's (at least for me :D).

Theonik2822d ago

Shouldn't this be under "rumour"?
This is my one of my most anticipated games atm but i am not sure about the episodic content until it is priced.

unrealgamer582822d ago

lol i still dont understand what this games about

Theonik2822d ago

They have some comic books in the official site. Go there and you can see them.

StanLee2822d ago

It's like a side scrolling, action adventure platformer. It looks great, with a great art style and it's been on my radar a while. I don't think they ever announced platforms but it was shown on PS3 and it was assumed exclusive.

xskipperx822822d ago

You know how to spell ASSuME right?

2822d ago
lochdoun2822d ago

It looks like $ony just lost ANOTHER exclusive!!!