Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

The Japanese latest hardware chart

Nintendo DS Lite - 141,967
Wii - 109,854
PSP - 37,578
PS2 - 15,777
PS3 - 13,493
Xbox 360 - 2,942
Game Boy Micro - 294
Game Boy Advance SP - 138

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gamehead3896d ago

haha so much for the prediction that xbox would sell 4000-5000 this week and the ps3 would sell 10,000. I honestly wish i could find it, think it was from G4 or something. July is officially sony month, sony's been owning yo.

nasim3896d ago

x360 is the worst selling console in JAPAN and EU.

plus it has caused MS 1.89 billion dollars in losses already.

quit gaming biz



Bloodmask3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

But sales in Japan are very predictable. Wii and DS pretty much ruling the roost.

gamehead3896d ago

they should be. but hey Nintendo pulled a fast one. Am not a sony fan boy but i must admit i do enjoy my playstation products. I still strongly believe the wii is a fad in a year or two when devs get up to speed with ps technology people will ultimately go for graphics. Sure the wii is selling like crack but IMO they are targetting the casual market hard while sony is targetting hardcore. Now sony and msoft are going after casual gamers as well just not to get left behind. Nintendo already saw it had lost that hardcore gamer market and saw potential in casual and pulled a fast one. Very very smart move and kudos to them the only question is how long will this last. Honestly after super mario galaxy and smash bros and metroid prime nintendo has nothing left up their sleeve to capture hardcore gamers and once the casual ones get tired of wii sports and wii fit then i predict they will release their real console for this generation and probably go back to last place like they deserve

drtysouf213896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

week. And with the release of Hot Shots Golf coming soon it should go up even more. Also i wonder if that Playstation Premiere conference they just had there will make sales go up especially since they showed MGS4 in playable form. We shoud see the effects of that next week.

Charlie26883896d ago

Seems PS3 sales rise are here to stay :D

Lets see after TGS!

djt233896d ago

mmmmm maybe it is close to the ps2

mikeslemonade3896d ago

There's only a 30,000 unit difference between ds and psp.

eclipsegryph3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Nintendo DS Lite - 141,967
PSP - 37,578

I'm curious to know how you got 30,000, mate. Or am I misunderstanding your statement?

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The story is too old to be commented.