The most beautiful panoramas in games

Current games offer great panoramas, even better one than in most real life holidays. Have ever enjoyed the sunsets in Far Cry 2? Have you ever paused the action in Modern Warfare 2 just to enjoy the panorama? No? The take a look at the damn beautiful panoramas in current games through the link.

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dizzleK3120d ago

on top of the sub in the first uncharted, that stunned me.

Bebedora3120d ago

Dito. Uncharted is perty as he!!

vasilisk3120d ago

My jaw dropped when I first saw the sunken city in Uncharted

thief3120d ago

My three fave Uncharted scenes
1 The view from the cliff at the fort in UC1, where you can see across the bay, sunlight and water never looked as good in real life
2 The view from the top of the building in Nepal in UC2, where you can for miles around you
3 When the train turns a bend high up in the mountains (middle of the train level in UC2) and I seriously stopped caring about the enemies and just gawked at the sheer jaw-dropping beauty of the environment

Inside_out3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Well, Far cry 2 was awesome...the weather and time cycles were incredible...I always set the clock for sun down or sun set for the set pieces....amazing!!!...

Alan Wake had some outstanding moments...some of the best this gen...there was lighting strikes that would light up the entire screen like you were in daylight...WOW...

MW2...UC2...Halo reach looks to have " epic skyboxe's "...Assains creed...Bionic commando looked great...Gears had awesome moments...Enslaved looks like some great things going on...Fable....Crysis...Forza has a amazing game engine....many...Recently, this is my favorite...

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Kahvipannu3120d ago

I haven't played much UC, but heard that it has incredible panoramas. But games what I have played, BF: BacCompanies have some great panoramas. Also sinking Jacinto in GeOW2 was amazing, AC2 too have many stunning views, specially in Venice. Ofcourse few years back FarCry was topnotch in this field, and Oblivion also when it came out.

Moentjers3120d ago

FarCry. on the beach or on deck of the ship...

VsAssassin3120d ago

I waited for that wonderful sunlit vista from the submarine viewpoint, too. Unbelievable list. The Fable one wasn't very good to look at; why was it included in the list?

cpuchess3120d ago

Just Cause 2 has some real nice visuals

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