Girls Who Do Games

Game Bosh: Over the years, there are many celebrities who've provided voice for video games. A fair percentage of them have been those same hot babes that have caused us guys to spend ridiculous amounts of money on lad's mags (which, naturally we hide inside our copies of The Guardian on the train).

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Quagmire3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Story approved by Quagmire.

should change the title to Girls Who Do Quagmire, giggidy

Bobbykotickrulesz3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

More like "Girls Who Do Sexual Games"

He he alright.

-Mezzo-3040d ago

lol, i wish it was upto me i would have.

waltercross3040d ago

Guess I'll approve it to LOL

PaPa-Slam3040d ago

Girls Who Do" i got confused at this point.

N4GAddict3040d ago

Strange title for sure lol

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