Kane & Lynch Movie Loses Director

Last week, former stuntman Simon Crane was directing the Kane & Lynch movie. But that was last week! This week, word is he's off the project, leaving the movie without a director only two months before it starts production.

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unrealgamer583096d ago

Doesn't matter who directs It, It's Instant fail

jay23096d ago

Oh ok,well let's hope for the best.......

MiamiACR3096d ago

Jamie foxx? The director probably played the game and figured what a colossal fail it would be to get a black man to play a white trailer park psychopathic white man.

dizzleK3096d ago

i'm tired of political correctness. the character is white. period. if you put a black guy in it it ceases to be k&l. theres no legitimate or compelling reason to have jamie foxx other than for a politically correct agenda.

Kakihara3096d ago

As one of the world's few big fans of the game I've tried to avoid reading up on this thing but while skimming a new movie magazine I couldn't help but read these exact words in a blurb about the movie,

"Willis plays a mercenary who has 72 hours to save his wife and daughter and disarm a doomsday device".

A doomsday device?? Really??? This is gonna be ... ugh.