Jaffe's PS3 Game Exposed?

Take this with a huge grain of salt until we find out more on this issue, but an anonymous source has sent us the above picture recently of a developer that is supposedly working on David Jaffe's new game.

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Cevapi883120d ago

one can dream, right??

the idea of team play in Twisted Metal sounds awesome...i've never thought of that before

FanOfGaming3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

This definatly supports VG247's post about Jaffe's new game involving cars, after you click out to the full res of the picture it shows a car, weapons, and the computer to the right says ******* manager for PS3. Very interesting!

HolyOrangeCows3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Perhaps it's a Twisted Metal game in SPIRIT, just not EXACTLY Twisted Metal.
And perhaps that's the reason that he said he he wasn't working on a Twisted Metal game.

Ya know?


You guys are seriously judging a blurry screenshot which could also be from ANY point in the creation of this game's life cycle?

reaferfore203120d ago

Wouldn't it be sweet if it played like Carmageddon 2? The map in the corner looks like an open world.

va_bank3120d ago

I gave up all hope on a new Carmageddon game.

Do you realize there has not been a good car combat game on any system this generation? There was that Full Auto game, but it sucked.

FanOfGaming3119d ago

look at these screens below
They resemble the game on the computer on the article, only the one on the monitor is being developed for PS3. And if you look closely it says 1080P on the screen.

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inveni03120d ago

If that's a new game, the graphics suck. Very plain, no detail in the environment. Looks boring. Actually, it looks like something from about 5-10 years ago.

FanOfGaming3120d ago

Its defiantly something that is being developed for this generation, on the computer it says For PS3.

TheHater3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Looking at this, this look like a PS2 game at best. Eat Sleep Play new game is just too far along to look this bad. If this is ESP new game, this has to be a very old photo

This could be a PSN game

inveni03120d ago

I wasn't claiming that it's literally from 5-10 years ago. I was saying that the graphics are THAT bad. There's a difference. And, if you disagree, then you've definitely got your tongue up Jaffe's hole. Seriously, get some glasses.

Kleptic3120d ago

haha its boring because a half screen shot on a dev kit/PC thats out of focus, and the article writer admits attempting to 'clean it up' for clarity?...thats low even by this house's standards...

the background appears to be blurred, as in the car is moving...if any of you can really judge an unannounced game from this office pic...i'm simply amazed...

the truth is that could be developers still running xp?...I'm seriously asking, I don't know (and not saying i'd blame them)...

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Strange_Evil3120d ago

@inven.... You derived all of that from a single shot which can be fake and even if it isn't who knows when it was taken, it could have been taken in the Pre-Alpha stage (judging by all those boxes showing info, it's something that isn't even from a finished build). I mean look at the bars for crying out loud, they scream Pre-Alpha.

I would recommend not pulling the trigger too fast. Jaffe has always created games that are great looking (Twisted Metal, GOW...), and I expect him to do the same with a PS3 game.

inveni03119d ago

I derived that the shot appears to be misrepresented by the author of the article. Judging by the quality of the game on screen, it appears that there's no way (at least I hope) that this is Jaffe's game.

vhero3120d ago

Is it me or are the buildings in 3D??

N4BmpS3120d ago

This could be a game he scrapped for all we know.

sikbeta3120d ago

Twisted Metal is Coming... I really hope so...

FACTUAL evidence3120d ago

On the bottom right it says, special, fire, homing, rico.....Those were weapons in twisted metal. BTW, don't the car look like specter? Who knows, this pic is probably to get people to speculate its TM again.

DarkSpawnClone3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

hey guys is it just me or is that car in that picture... is that spectre's car FROM TWISTED METAL!!!? and the bars and stuff on the right look like the place where the special attacks go (homeing missile ect.)this has to be twisted metal. errr yeah what FACTUAL evidence said lmao didnt read his comment untill now you beat me by like 1 min :{ ...THIS IS TWISTED METAL FU*CK YEAH!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!! THANK YOU JAFFEE!!!!!! WELCOME TO TWISTED METAL!!!

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ThatCanadianGuy3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

During my 2 minute examination of the picture this is what i've learned.

To the left, we see a GTA Style minimap.So expect fairly large levels
Underneath that a "Bar" saying "Team Weapon" so it will likely feature online

Center pic we see a glimpse of a car (Twisted metal anyone?) To the bottom right says..

"Special 1
Fire 1
Homing 1
Rico 2 "

All signs point to an online car combat game.If it's anything other than Twisted metal i'm sure Mr.Jaffe will be lynched by the masses.

BannedForNineYears3120d ago

For a Canadian, you're awfully observant.

Kleptic3120d ago

after all the signs that point to a twisted metal PS3 game...its hard to imagine it not being one...but he likes keeping us in the whatever...

at this point though who knows...Maybe its God of Metal...that would work...

Nicholas Cage3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

please just show the mother fucking game, i hate this shit.

edit: i see a billboard that says "blush" check it out in the photo.

ClownBelt3120d ago

Saving it for E3 probably.

TheHardware3120d ago

good old fashioned aggression, you are ready for jaffes next

boysenberry3120d ago

LOL yeah, David Jaffe is driving me crazy!!

i_am_interested3120d ago

if true oh boy, jaffe you better kill someone

97gsx3120d ago

poor dude is gonna get fired tomorrow morning.

N4GAddict3120d ago

But he wasn't the one who took the picture!

Apone3120d ago

He was just playing an online game.

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