Purchasing Power of Heavy Gamers Exceeds That of all Other Video Gaming Segments

At 2 percent, Heavy Gamers are the smallest gamer segment, yet they purchase more than six times as much per individual and eight times more than the average gamer in the last quarter on video games (console, portable and PC) than the largest segment, Avid PC Gamers, according to The NPD Group's recent report, Gamer Segmentation II.

The report provides detailed analysis into six gamer segments by key behavioral and demographic metrics. According to the report, of the 191 million gamers who personally play games on PC/Mac or video game system, 33 percent are Avid PC Gamers, 22 percent are Secondary Gamers, 20 percent are Avid Console Gamers, 15 percent are Mass Market Gamers, 8 percent are Casual Kid Gamers and 2 percent are Heavy Gamers.

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FordGTGuy4168d ago

Is this the next level of not having a life? If it is then I inspire to be like these guys.

BaMYouRDeaD4168d ago

Those are pretty fascinating numbers considering the low percentage of "heavy gamers".

Wile4168d ago

I bet that doesn't even include the money I spent for the stuff I bought to make my 'snake' costume that I'm going to wear while waiting in line for my copy of MGS4. LOL J/K