Game Revolution: Metro 2033 Review

Game Revolution writes: "After the Cuban Missile Crisis subsided, Americans all learned one thing: “Duck and Cover” was, in no way, going to protect any of us from a nuclear weapon. Private industry stepped in and created private mini-bomb shelters, but sadly nothing to the extent of the Vaults from Fallout. Russia, on the other hand, was convinced that some cowboy US President was going to nuke us all to oblivion, so they designed their Metro stations to be bomb shelters as well. Cities would have nuclear bomb drills where everyone would run to the nearest Metro station. Schools were organized in case of nuclear attack, with the youngest kids on the lowest floor since they moved the slowest. In an all-out nuclear exchange, it is more likely that residents of Moscow will survive than residents of Los Angeles."

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iagainsti1203041d ago

that was pretty much the same experience that i had with Metro 2033 i really liked it