The Orange Box: A Retrospective

Koku writes: "In this week’s episode of The Cynic’s Corner, Marcus the Cynic goes over one of the best deals in video gaming since Super Mario All-Stars. Released in 2007 to great fanfare from fans and the press alike, The Orange Box contains the entire Half-Life 2 experience up to this point, Portal, and Team Fortress 2."

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iseven3120d ago

I love TF2. It's one of those games that will stand the test of time.

Pandamobile3120d ago

It's hard to believe I've been playing TF2 for almost 3 years.

cain1413120d ago

I loved the orange box.

Anon19743120d ago

I picked it up on my PS3 and loved every minute of it. It's funny because if you believed the forums at the time the damn thing was unplayable. Nothing could have been further from the truth. While there were some annoying glitches with Team Fortress the rest of the game ran fine. I'm glad I went with professional reviews (the PS3 version has a metacritic score of 89) when I made the decision to check this out. I almost missed this outstanding game because, like I said, the forums made it out like the PS3 version was unplayable.

Ocelot5253120d ago

most problems solved themselves to be honest, I bought the orange box on day one for PS3, the first time I played it some parts had indeed a bad framerate(mostly in places with water and electric), but after a particular ps3firmware update the problems were gone, now the framedrops are minimal and very short. they tend to happen at the same places.
in the whole playtrough there are maybe 5 framedrops now

also note that the ps3 version has additional HDR(like the sun rays in the station) and detail textures compared to the PC, there were also some extra static shadows.I will get disagrees for this statement, but believe me: it's freaking true!

things that are missing compared to PC and 360:
-some sounds(like when a container drops)
-some grass sprites(they were ugly and ancient anyway, the game looks better without them)
-the game has to reload completely when you die

Ziriux3120d ago

Yea, Half Life 2 when it came out was 5 years ahead of it self so it still feels fresh.

SpaceSquirrel3120d ago

It was a great compilation. Worth it for Portal alone.

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