Character vs. Character: Yoda vs. Mario

Is Yoda any good at plumbing? Is the force strong in Mario? Two iconic, charismatic, and powerful characters engage in deadly combat, as they proudly defend their worlds. And their princesses.

By Julian Montoya, Platform Nation

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astar1234567892887d ago

What???????????????????? I will not wast my time!!!!

spektical2887d ago

wow, not even a contest.

fatstarr2887d ago

Epic Master vs plumber. Might as well say Super computer vs 4 Atari taped together.

Not reading either.

whats next power rangers vs master chief.

i3eyond the Circle2887d ago

Basically all Mario needs is a star then Kamikaze clean into Yoda. It'd be the perfect wtf moment.

kesvalk2886d ago

mario destroys yoda...