Kotaku: Killzone 3 Hands-on: Bigger, Better & More 3D

Killzone developer Guerrilla Games and Sony showed off the first playable version of the PlayStation 3's next entry in the series, a Killzone that feels familiar, but much improved, a bigger world with smarter enemies. Oh, and stereoscopic 3D.

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TrevorPhillips3120d ago

It looks a bit better then 2 but that does not mean I'm not getting it.

Imperator3120d ago

It's just an early build. Does anyone else rembember how much UC2's graphics got updated just mere months after E3. Here's the link:

Just imagine what the final build of KZ3 will look like. Heck, it might even get me to buy a 3D Tv.

FACTUAL evidence3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Holy crap! The enemies were already super smart! Now they're gunna do maximum pwnage...BTW, did anyone see the snow falling effects?...Looks better than UC2's snow falling effects...I just got done letting my lil sis play the first 3 hours of UC2 btw..i compaired, and the off screen KZ3 snow fall effects are GORGEOUS!

EDIT: @Moonboots
Yeah who cares if kz3 looks like kz2! The only problem with that is it doesn't. This isn't like valve, GG puts effort into everything!

Inside_out3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Why show a build that is clearly flawed...3D should be used sparingly...this guy played half a level and found it distracting and nauseating...These guy's from Kotaku were being very " nice " and forgiving...Melee is look the same....besides, this thing is not out for a year!!!...Doesn't Sony have something people can play that's coming out this year?...

BTW...somebody cammed the play's up on u-tube....

Raf1k13120d ago

I don't think there'll be a huge improvement in visuals TBH. The maps are 10x bigger now so more processing power is needed for that which leaves less space for visual improvements. I hope I'm wrong but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

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Faztkiller3120d ago

Bigger, Epicer, Prettier, Faster, destructibler Yeah not Killzone 2.5

PMR_213120d ago


*face palm*

Faztkiller3120d ago

I know not a word but I used it anyway LoL I was waiting for someone to point it out

Moonboots3120d ago

Who cares if it looks like Killzone 2, it is still a looker. 3d meh but better controls and "fully" destructible! Hell yeah!

Going to be a long wait till 2011.

TrevorPhillips3120d ago

ahhh what the hell, it's still killzone :)

TrevorPhillips3120d ago

I think May 2011 is a bit to early for release date don't you think?

Faztkiller3120d ago

Thats a bit over 2 years sound about right to me they may have announced it early because now I want it and I have to wait a year

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The story is too old to be commented.