GameXplain: Red Dead Redemption Review

GameXplain Writes: There’s no two ways around it. Red Dead Redemption is glorious and sets the bar so high for open world games that I can hardly imagine when anther open-world game will come around that has any hope of matching it. Rockstar outdid themselves with this game. Whether it’s riding your horse into the sunset, wrangling cattle in a thunderstorm, playing high stakes Texas Hold’Em across the Mexican border, or just simply shooting your way down the Rio Grande, Red Dead Redemption offers the fullest cowboy experience you can get this side of 1900."

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ZBlacktt3125d ago

Great write up and many agree. This game is just truly a master piece of gamer enjoyment. With the free DLC coming in a month and more to follow this year. It's truly way out in front for the GOTY.