iPhone Hacked to Accept Any AT&T, Cingular SIM Card

we wont see this word anymore : "inaccessible iphone"

and people can use iPhone without requirement of a 2 year activation contract with AT&T totalling more than $1400.

"The group iPhone Dev Wiki has discovered a way to partially unlock the device so that it will work with any AT&T or Cingular SIM card without the need for the exclusive new contract, details a post made on Gizmodo."

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Cartesian3D3747d ago

:P , so much stress ! omg is it possible to see my news in first page?

LOL just kiddin :) but N4G has a nice structure for submiting news.. a REALLY HARD Contributor test ( lol ironic!ok? )

love iphone , cant wait to see it in my hands ( hacked version )

computer3747d ago

I think this is definitely newsworthy. While this doesn't relate to gaming, he filed it under the right category.
Only thing I would improve on is the spelling/grammar in the description. Otherwise, here's an extra bubble =]

Cartesian3D3747d ago

but Im surprised about those reports!! this site is also about Tech,industry and other catagories..

and about iPhone. for sure it will be the most powrfull phone for gaming.. I think EA want to make games for this device , so its a gaming device as well :P (mobile)

computer3747d ago

You are right, this site is also about all those things you mentioned, and this news is definitely worth being submitted. Nice find.

the_round_peg3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

What does iPhone have to do with gaming?!?

Cartesian3D3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

your reply is so obvious, needless to say ... :)

go and read N4G instruments....

THX everyone who approve this story (ITR,computer,stumpy bob,timmyp53 and mercenary)

computer u r da man :P +bubble for u , thx for supporting me

Presidentjr3747d ago

Am finally getting one then :)

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