What If All Games Were Free?

Gamer Limit writes ""How would your perspective on games change if they were all free? Join me as I take a theoretical look into how the landscape of gaming would change if developers still received money for “sales,” but all games were free, forcing gamers to think about how they want to spend their time on video games – not their money."

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thedoctor3123d ago

I think you're right that if all games were free we'd perhaps see some change to the crappy JRPG format.

Fullish3123d ago

Sadly that crappy JRPG format is more popular then normal RPGs

wxer3123d ago

if all games were free
there would be no games fool

Quagmire3123d ago

I would have to sacrifice my social life, job, uni, and sever all contact to the outside world if all games were free.

sikbeta3123d ago

IF games were FREE? look at the Games on Ubuntu, all are CRAP! I know I can't Complain cos those Games not only are Free but also made by normal guys, not Mega-Devs, the point is Gaming would get stuck and never evolve, cos being Honest, there is no Company in the World that would Push Gaming for FREE...

WLPowell3123d ago

You really don't get how creative people think. I guarantee you if games were free we'd probably see more risks taken than you think.

Mr.Mister3123d ago

well i think that people that make games wouldn't work as hard as if they were paid.
some of them are in it just for the money

DangerCurtis3123d ago

Indie type games / free games are where devs have the freedom to explore the realms of gaming. Because the pressure isn't on them to make a profit, they have the freedom to experiment.

On the other hand, because AAA titles are under pressure to deliver a quality product, they're forced to limit their creativity and sometimes substitute that with patterns, gameplay, style, etc with what has been done in the past.

AAACE53123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

If all games were free, they would mostly be crap like most of those free games on the internet. There would be no money to be made which means developers wouldn't be able to put alot into them. Money funds other projects. They need to pay for the PC's, the development kits and more importantly the electricity! Not to mention the hours spent making the games.

ThanatosDMC3123d ago

We'd all have crappy games because no competitive $$$ for developers.

jjohan353123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

If games were free then that would imply that development costs are zero. If development costs are zero, then there's no need to impress investors so anybody would develop any game. Sure we'll probably see more risk-takers who will try to push the boundaries of gaming, but the ratio of crappy-to-good games will also increase because there's no incentive for putting out a good game and no negative feedback for putting out crappy games on the market.

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Jorrel563123d ago

Great read. My game preferences would definitely change if I wasn't looking at replay value to get every $ I can out of this expensive hobby.

themizarkshow3123d ago

No joke. I've been relying heavily on cheap/free/donation indie titles to keep me playing some new games on a regular basis; the big releases are just too much money for what I get from them.

Yuenanimous3123d ago

Great read! I would have never though up this topic.

DangerCurtis3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

I agree that we need to criticize games based on what they have to offer and how they make us feel, but the fact is that games are not free. If games were free, we'd see the dramatic shifts like the ones you mentioned, and indy games would probably have a much stronger presence in the industry.

Unfortunately, when people pay for something, they come to expect certain things. When you go to a movie, you expect the film to be at least 90 minutes. When you play a two hour game, you'd think it cost less than $15. And to ignore the length to cost ratio of a game is being slightly ignorant; it's unfortunate too because film and music isn't held to the same standard.

dizzleK3123d ago

i'd be able to enjoy gaming at its purest form instead of almost forcing myself to like things just to justify the expense.

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