First Footage of Insomniac's "Girl With a Stick" Revealed

Fresh of the big announcement of their new partnership with EA, Insomniac has just released footage of their canceled game “Girl With a Stick” on their “Full Moon Show.

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ClownBelt3124d ago

"Girl with a stick"

Sound a bit futanarish...

wxer3124d ago

"Girl With a Stick"
thats Nasty, lol

i still love Insomniac games by the way

Mr Logic3123d ago

Well if you notice a lot of their games have innuendo in the title so it's really no surprise.

Up Your Arsenal
Size Matters
Quest for Booty

snakebite363123d ago

don't forget "going commando"

badz1493123d ago

tools of destruction

a crack in time

LOL I love the humor in the titles!

Barbapapa3123d ago

a crack in time was supposed to be R&C clock blockers.

badz1493123d ago

LOL awesome name as well! Insomniac FTMFW!!

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-Alpha3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I've actually been waiting to see them take this to the next level ever since I heard about it.

Sony advised against this concept (though they said they would support Insomniac regardless) because they thought it wasn't marketable enough.

I'm very interested in this!

I'd much rather have Ratchet and Girl with a stick, non-FPS games FTW! It's funny though, because I know Insomniac for their light-hearted games and this sounds just the opposite. I hope something becomes of this title.

Tony-A3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I was just about to correct you on that point. lol

Turns out Sony was right to give a little insight into what they thought would work. Choosing Ratchet & Clank over Girl with a Stick was an industry-changing deal that both companies would ultimately be right for doing (Sony and Insomniac).

-Alpha3124d ago

Lol, thanks Weezy.

Sony had a Holy Trinity when it came to platformers:

Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter. R&C was a great franchise, but IMO they should do girl with a stick. I don't like Resistance and I know why Resistance existed (to offer an FPS response to Halo 3 for the PS3), but IMO Insomniac is better than swimming in this over-saturated genre.

But with Resistance 3 likely coming out and Insomniac going multiplat I am VERY eager to see this as a new IP.

sikbeta3124d ago


lol... wait! ... GROSS!!!

Beefstew4u3124d ago

that was the name of the Resistance 2 beta ;)

FACTUAL evidence3123d ago

Girl with a dick, i mean stick actually looked kinda fun..since Insomniac is MP now they should have more than enough funds from EA to release it.

silvacrest3123d ago

apart from the obvious sexual side, it is a rubbish name for a game in my opinion

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rajman3124d ago

I remember when a friend of mine was playing the Resitance 2 closed beta and under his name it said "Girl With a Stick"
Now we know it was an actual game they were creating

ThatCanadianGuy3124d ago

Yeah a friend of mine had the same thing under his name.
Wasn't it just a code name for the beta tho?

Cajun Chicken3124d ago

Hahah, I just posted this in N4G forums. I like the idea of putting the stick in holes and use it to spin or swing around on in platform sequences. Although, it sounded a bit like Bubba 'n Stix.

Well, I have to say, glad they came up with the concept of Ratchet a few weeks later.

cool cole3124d ago

Sooo... This is Insomniacs awesome new IP? :D

Blaze9293124d ago

"has just released footage of their canceled game “Girl With a Stick” on their “Full Moon Show.”"

Montrealien3124d ago

I am sure he can read.

But lets face it here, it is kind odd that out of nowhere they talk about this game, a few days after announcing they will be making a new game. If this is their new game, I wonder if like Silicon Knights people will say they have been making this game for the last 8 years, rofl.

Tony-A3124d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.

This has led me to believe we'll be seeing "Girl with a Stick" coming soon for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Or if not, maybe they'll make a game inspired by it. Or maybe EA wants them to make this and Insomniac is curious as to whether or not this would have been as big or bigger than R&C.

Bathyj3124d ago

Wasnt Girl with a Stick one of their original concepts back in the day?

Read the article. Yeah it was.

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