Is Super Mario Galaxy 2 the best platformer ever created?

"The answer is yes.

Sound off in the comments!

Oh, I have to write more? Shoot. Okay, I will elaborate on why this is, but just know that there won’t be some kind of surprise ending at the conclusion of this feature. The “yes” may turn into a “YES!”, but, other than the enlarged typing, my opinion will not be swayed. NOT BE SWAYED, I TELL YOU!"

Chad Concelmo, Destructoid

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Nike3043d ago

Uh, didn't we just have an article on this topic? :|

Legosz3043d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will win GOTY this year. I don't care you can disagree all you want, I don't even have a Wii anymore, and will not play the game. But I can I bet all my possessions and money that this game will win GOTY.

boysenberry3043d ago

*cough* Overrated *cough*

Gr813043d ago

This gen? Unquestionably. No 3d platformer comes close, it even shits on the original Galaxy lol.

But if they aren't seperating 2d and 3d platformers than NSMBWii is probably tops.

Ingram3043d ago

Mario Galaxy was way overrated, Little Big Planet wiped the floor with it.Over 2.000.000 levels, some of the greatest user generated content is there, calculators, vehicles, buildings, all kinds of fun and different things every time you browse for some levels, 4 players off/online, highly expressive creative and fun, highly underrated.

Yet, people still prefer the recognisable posh brand, as if Nintendo didn't have enough money, as if mario hasn't been milked enough.

Chad, If your girlfriend made you a wonderful and original breakfast, you would throw it away and cry asking for a Hello Kitty® brand hamburguer./jk

Anyway, Yoshi's Island, Sonic 2, Super Mario 3, Dinamyte Headdy, Rayman 1, Abe's Oddysee, were all in my opinion much better than Mario galaxy, and New super mario bros, postmodern, puerile, soulless attempts for a game.

asdr3wsfas3043d ago

Too bad LBP has squishy controls.

"New super mario bros, postmodern, puerile, soulless attempts for a game."


Gr813043d ago

LoL, are you kidding me? That game shouldn't even be mentioned in the convo of greatest all time platformers, it ain't even in Galaxy's league, 1 or 2.

ChickeyCantor3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

I bought the game expecting it to be "Super" fun..( yeah I used "Super" in the same context as "Super mario bros").

I thought it was well made, the production value is well spend. However, I agree. The game itself is boring.

I've spend like 65 euro's on it and it feels like a waste.
The thing that really got to me was when i saw a remade level 1-1 in LBP. It just shows it doesn' t really work well in contrast as Super mario bros did ages ago.

Sure it has options for user-generated content but seriously as a platformer LBP didn't achieve much aside from the user generated content.

"Over 2.000.000 levels, some of the greatest user generated content is there"
This however DOES NOT make the game a good platformer.
They are 2 different things.

Ingram3043d ago

Ok, since you all attacked my opinion, I have some harsh words for you, guys, in the form of more opinion.

You all obviously never put any time in LBP, playing 4 players online is a blast, and playing, creating and sharing thousands of levels never gets old, you never even bothered looking for the good levels, as for controls, they are as good as a platformer gets and it goes to show you played the game few hours, with prejudice and tinted glasses on.You're not even able to discern Havok from PhysX, how could you appreciate LBP's physics? I bet you find wii sport amusing, red steel responsive, and wii's zelda enjoyable,which are highly questionable for anyone over 16, or anyone open to buy something non nintendo related.
Heck, it's clear that if you have a PS3 you use it for the sole purpose of playing blu rays and fifa.

Enjoy your Wii, shovelware consumers, and your best platformer of all time,

I'm off to play online with real people and real servers, you'll all sure have good fun waggling your cheap accelerometer.Don't bother replying; you are no better than brainless cattle, and Nintendo is no fun this seventh generation, every serious gamer know that, sales and nicole kidman ads are not even argument worthy.

jmmurillo863043d ago

That was harsh. Sad it's probably true. "Shovelware" term is very accurate, my friend. Stop milking Mario, please!

ChickeyCantor3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

"I'm off to play online with real people and real servers,"

Ill play games with real people in my room...With real fun.... LOL...

Your insult towards Wii owners makes it all ironic.

Its funny that you think you have the privilege to tell others what quality is and that only you are enjoying it.

Ever heard of opinions?
If you call these opinions "attacks"...then I suggest you leave the internetz now.

When you say: "Stop milking mario"....You know...eww.
It also makes me believe you dont care for the games, so in what way does all of this matter to you?

If people still enjoy these games, let them, no one is telling you what games you should play. So why should you forbid certain games for gamers who like it?

jmmurillo863042d ago


Well, stop milking Mario, because all its cliches are already exhausted and they bring nothing fresh, just the same old "cute" nonsense. Making new, deep, original approaches to Mario is not milking it. It IS making tons of (quality) clones of it.

There are not many good games to play in Wii, so SMG2 is the best you can play, I suppose.

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