IGN: Podcast Beyond: Killzone 3

Today is a special day for Podcast Beyond. Not only are Greg, Ryan and Colin joined by the brilliant and charming Ryan Geddes, but the team gets to chat about Killzone 3, which was shown off in San Francisco last night. Could it be the greatest shooter of all time or a total letdown? Or perhaps somewhere in between? Join in on the PlayStation fun and find out why Podcast Beyond is "America's most beloved podcast."

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TOO PAWNED2795d ago

Ryan Geddes?! THE Ryan Geddes? Notorious 360 fanboy? No thanks. Pass, maybe next episode

playstation_clan2795d ago

is like listening to Satan scratching the chalkboard, painful

PirateThom2795d ago

He has a PS3 now, but he's disturbed by the lack of Master Chiefs.

Clements doesn't see this as disturbing at all.

A good start.

hazeblaze2795d ago

True, he is a 360 fanboy... but he's also a GOWIII fanboy... so there's hope for him yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.