RUMOR: BGE2 (maybe) cancelled, Michel Ancel to found new studio

Form NeoGAF: Michel Ancel has quit Ubisoft Montpellier along with another person (their identity remains unknown, they just say he is another "star developer") to found a new studio. It seems that there were some internal problems concerning Beyond Good and Evil 2's development (which was supposedly well under way). The development could be paused again, but they have strong reasons to believe it is cancelled...

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GuruStarr783120d ago

Just got a copy of the original for PS2.....have not played it yet, but I'm really looking forward to sad to see that the sequel is vaporware..

wxer3120d ago

MAMAGO GARAGE !!!, i like that song lol
by the way singing Jamaican rhinos are cool i hope they keep them in the next game, that is if there is one

Bathyj3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


I had that song in my head for so long.

Well its still there.

Its the equivilant to the Star Wars Canteena theme for me.
Na, screw that, its better.

You get a few of them Pigmen walking around, suddenly I'm not looking too bad.

Freak of Nature3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


I would love to see them picked up by a solid publisher,that would allow them freedom to create BG&E2 and Rayman 4....

Freak of Nature3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Perhaps it's best that this true creative talent leaves anyways.Perhaps he can spread his wings elesewhere,be allowed to create with his own style, bring us the spiritual succesors to Rayman and Bg&e....Thats if UBI owns the rights...

The game has never been officially announced as BG&E2,and all has been quite for quite sometime.I wonder just what they do have?

I sure cannot wait to hear more,hopefully at E3 something will surface.Best of all Worlds would be a new BG&E2 official announcement with a solid publisher,and a new Rayman to go with it....Wishful thinking,I know...

SpoonyRedMage3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Holy crap! Ubisoft just lost their best developer.

Can't wait to see what Ancel does then.

EDIT: Wait, still at Ubisoft but not at Montpellier?

Doesn't sound right.

Redempteur3120d ago

A great loss for ubisoft ..

The most creative mind ubisoft had ( BGE , rayman , tonic trouble , the rabbits afterwards ) just went elsewhere ...

Sadly i'm not waiting for BGE 2 anymore ...

jay23120d ago

Very bizarre. I'm also worried about I Am Alive being canned.

RememberThe3573120d ago

Beyond Good and Evil is a gem of a game. We deserve a sequel. If Ubi drops the ball on this game, I will not forgive them. I don't give a damn what the circumstances are get this game done ans shipped to my house, damn it!

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The story is too old to be commented.