Super Mario Galaxy 2 :Could Be Considered The Best Game Ever

If you consider yourself a gamer, you’ll have most likely heard some Super Mario Galaxy 2 praise over the last few days. Recent sequels by Nintendo such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks have been labelled as “lazy” and “uninspired” by critics, which naturally made me sceptical about Super Mario Galaxy 2’s reception.

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GuruStarr783125d ago

its really fun...and gives you that "rewarding" feeling when you reach a star.....don't know that I'd go as far as saying it's the "best ever" though.....maybe the best Mario title ever.

Mo0eY3124d ago

The level design is insane. The sound design is spot-on. Yoshi? Fuck yeah. But Mario's storyline is getting tired. I mean, the beginning didn't even tie-in. If I were a reviewer this would've been a 9 simply because of the story. At least the previous game seemed to connect to what you were doing.

mikeslemonade3124d ago

Hmmm... basically the same graphics and gameplay since Super Mario Sunshine ;which in my opinion had larger levels and was better. The only difference is new gimmicks and new mini worlds.

It's not even close to being one of the greater games this generation. Uncharted 2 is still king. Mario is all hype and it gets a free pass. Some of you gamers here don't know a good game when you see one.

BryanBegins3124d ago

Funny that you call us "ignorant gamers" because we actually enjoy an awesome game that you don't.

And if you consider the graphics of Sunshine the same as those in Galaxy, you are blind. Of course Galaxy is not HD, but it's a pretty looking game. Btw, I consider Mario Sunshine as the worst 3D Mario, the levels were uninspired and I never knew where to go next. Galaxy (1 and 2) is just perfect. Speaking of gimmick: a hose versus a new gravity system. Yes, you are definitely an expert lol

mikeslemonade3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

The leap from Mario 64 to Luigi Mansion in graphics was about 3x times as good as the leap from Sunshine to Galaxy 2. The difference is minimal. The water hose was analog. Gravity system was in Galaxy 1. What did they do in Galaxy 2? They're all gimmicks. It's like Madden's cone vision. The difference between Sunshine to Mario 64 is there are more "gimmicks" and improvements to say it was the next level up. Galaxy 2 from Sunshine is an upgrade.

And the only reason why you would call this a good game is because there is no competition. You have Mario and Ratchet for 3D platformers essentially. It's the starvation and death of this genre that is making you all say this is one of the best in this generation. It's 8.0 at best!

BryanBegins3124d ago

Thanks for letting me know why I like a game. Until your enlightning comment, I thought I enjoyed Galaxy because it was a very fun game, well done in every way except the story (but it's mario, I actually like not having to care about that). But now I know that I actually enjoy the game only because 1. I can't tell a good game and 2. There is no competition.

Really, thanks.

ChickeyCantor3124d ago

" It's 8.0 at best!"

Not that i care about these ratings but, what makes your opinion to be the ultimate?

Bryan have a bubble.

badz1493124d ago

just because it gets free passes from everywhere? just because it's mario? that's SAD! people say, review scores don't matter, but people use review scores to make STUPIDLY BOLD claim like this! so much for "review scores don't matter" ha?

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Marceles3124d ago

I agree with you JQM when you said it's more rewarding when you reach a star, instead of in earlier Mario games where the star was a triple jump, walljump, and water cannon away. That's why I like the Galaxy series, the level design and effort you have to put into it is alot more than earlier games.

xJxdOggyStYLe3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

as someone said...down below its def top 10 so far this gen, mgs4/gears of war 1 ..gearsbecause of the wow factor of puttin that game in and how gorgeous it was and goin online and havin that head shot and the whole room goes OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! I played that game for 2 years straight! (gears 2 was ruined) would be my top 2 this gen also bioshock 1 is right up there alsooo gotta give red dead redemption some love that game is AMAZING.

Fierce Musashi3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Guess it depends on who you're asking, mostly.

I would say it's ONE of the best games ever.

sikbeta3124d ago

"But... but.. Da Cryziz with da Cryziz Graphicz"


Homicide3124d ago

Uncharted 2 maybe, but MGS4??? Really?? The 'game' was terrible in every way. The story was full of plotholes, awful twists & revelations, drawn-out cutscenes, and dumb down stealth-gameplay. You can buy ammo & weapons by pressing start. WTF?

White-Sharingan3124d ago

MGS4 is my best game ever, really really good, no matter what you say :)

cranium3124d ago

MGS4 is my favourite game this gen so far. It is just behind MGS3 and SotC in my list of "best games ever". I've beat it 12 times, that's how much I like it. I'd say that this game has the most epic, breathtaking moments out of any other game ever made. I won't spoil any of them in case someone here hasn't played it, but if you've played even one of the previous MGS games, then you owe it to yourself to play MGS4. It's not for everyone, but if you "get it", you'll absolutely love it.

Cheeseknight283124d ago

Uncharted 2 yes.

Metal Gear Solid 4, no.

I would rank the series 3 > 1 > 2 = 4 (2 has a slight edge though).

I never thought I would hear nanomachines so much in one game. That and pointless character deaths. (To avoid spoilers, the character starting with the letter N had no reason to die just yet. Seems like it was done for shock value. I mean, did Otacon really need even MORE grief? You know, after taking his first love in MGS1, and his sister in MGS2?)

3 was simply the best. Even if it had a way-too-long opening (I think I clocked it at 55 minutes from the time you hit new game until you can actually play the game for more than 25 seconds.) the story actually stood on it's own as one of the industry's best.

A change in the wind3124d ago

I`ve played far better this generation alone. I`d actually be hard-pressed to put SMG2 in this generations top 10.

tunaks13124d ago

i wouldn't say best game ever, but it sure is close

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