New Singularity footage has a kick to it

TVGB: "The introduction of Singularity’s TMD — Time Manipulation Device for those who are playing catch up — continues; next to playing with time and admiring passing bullets and other projectiles, the hand-worn device allows the player to kick back foes and objects, and perform some other nifty tricks, with the ‘impulse power’. See the trailer above for a demonstration."

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NYC_Gamer2757d ago

has that bioshock type of vibe...

mrv3212757d ago

I don't think so, the atmosphere isn't quite there in my opinion but the story seems decent.

dizzleK2756d ago

let this bomb so we don't get a new one every 6 months. if you must have it buy it used.

chak_2756d ago

activision, not buying. I'm serious as a boycotter :p