PS Move & Natal Square Off. Which One Will Impress The Most?

Less than 3 weeks away from E3 2010, and the primary focus appears to be on the motion control systems for Microsoft and Sony. We have “Natal” on the Microsoft side and “Move” on the Sony side. Which motion system will impress the gamers the most?

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thebudgetgamer3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

with natal the potential is there, but i havent seen anything but the red all game.

i will reserve my judgement untill e3.

deadreckoning6663096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

"PS Move & Natal Square Off. Which One Will Impress The Most?"

I'll let ya know when I test out both at my local Bestbuy:)

@boysenberry- 100% agree. I have no interest in buying either as well.

@sxpacks- Thank u for putting ur ignorance on display :/

RatFuker3096d ago

MOVE LOOKS BETTE THAN NATAL. @droidsmasha stfu!

catguykyou3096d ago

Expensive peripherals are fail.

Imperator3096d ago

Well, at this point it's Sony. They've shown various both casual and hardcore that effectively use the PS MOve.

Ms has only shown a game about hitting a red ball. Anyone can see the huge difference.

Game13a13y3096d ago

Natal needs like 6 ft of clearance for it to work properly, that alone will render it useless in many Non-American homes.

catguykyou3096d ago

That has not been officially confirmed. Reported yes, confirmed no. I could very easily say that PS Move requires 2 beers and a pretty lady to work properly but that wouldn't be confirmed and remarkably untrue ...and slightly disappointing.

Game13a13y3096d ago

it might not be exactly 6 ft, but i could imagine its somewhere near that number. adds to the factor that some people might have their setup in their bedroom (like me), i don't even have 3 ft clearance. whoever thinks it will work as well as physical devices like the Move or the Wiimote are kidding themselves.

catguykyou3094d ago

Key term is, works well. We are all still waiting to see if natal will work well.

PAPERCHASER03963096d ago

I can't recall hearing of online response times especially after seeing vids... natal even worse lag wise and with the lack of dedicated servers how evenly matched can opponents be? Or will these games NOT have online components?

Bigpappy3096d ago

How could you even start to compare games when you know next to nothing about Natal or its games.

Then we have the official Natal specialist (Game13a13y). He said we will need to clear 6ft of space to use Natal. Thank you for your for your hands on preview ... not!

Anyway E3 is 2 weeks away. I prefer to wait and see what their both have to offer. I don't want to ASSume anything, or I may be made to like the author and "the Natal Specialist".

niceguywii603096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

It's been pretty clear there is no competition between Move and Natal. This should be Wiimote vs Move not Natal vs Move.

The industry has given Move a nuke warm welcome as where Natal has been praised seen as a revolution by people with a better understanding about what the two techs based on hands on experience. I trust their input over Sony fanboys hoping Natal sucks, mentioning the two techs as if they're going to be going toe to toe or are on the same level.

n4gno3096d ago

Lol, natal eye toy exist since...eye toy.

Move is the only controler for real gamers (but natal, as an optimised eye toy, is probably fun too, for casuals : like wiimote)

pippoppow3096d ago

I say Move will have more promise. Older games like resident evil will be patched to be able to be used with move as well as Wii ports and possibly some Natal ports also.

Next gen, console will most likely have a camera and motion controller out the bos along with maybe some other added control option (maybe lcd or touchpad ?).

So move seems to be the best option in terms of potential but as usual it will come down to killer games to determine it's importance.

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Godmars2903097d ago

How about seeing actual games for them before asking that question?

sxpacks3096d ago

The Score So far:

Wii Sports Resort Clone -Gladiator, tennis, bow and arrow...etc
Lights Out -
Mini Games - move party, shooter, ...etc
Socom 4

Move has the advantage, because it showed more than wii clones

- Ghost of Sparta -3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

You forgot Ape Escape PS3, which is bigger than Natal's entire library combined so far. Microsoft hasn't showed anything and the $150 price tag isn't helping.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Resident Evil 5, Little Big Planet 1 and 2 for Move.

Ape Escape, and the new Survival Horror FPS for Move:

sxpacks3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

It doesn't count until somebody outside of Sony/MS gets their hands on it.

LBP and Resident Evil 5 did not get a hands on by the press. So although they are coming, they don't count yet

So that means Natal gets 1 more:
Burnout Paradise.

So score is 2 to 4: Advantage Sony

At this early stage quantity matters. Once you get a large library of games, the audience will follow. This was the case when 360 first came out. It had a MUCH bigger library than PS3.

Homicide3096d ago

Most of those Move games are the same as the ones on Wii :-/

Natal has a lot of potential.

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Stryfeno23096d ago

The one who have the better games will.

divideby03096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I havent seen anything that would make me even offer an intelligent opinion yet
question is just premature and a way to start a fanboy argument

playstation_clan3096d ago

as long as i can play with a controller like I've been doing since the first time i played a home console

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