If There Was Only One Game Console...

Every E3 brings talk of a possible one-console future. Developers claim it would streamline the game creation process and publishers dream of eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple platform holders. Yes, every year someone brings the concept up during the big show. And every year it fades away amid the din created by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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piroh2760d ago

controller must be original DualShock with vibrations and sixaxis sensor, and there must be Cell and BluRay

Al Bundy2760d ago

It must have wi-fi built in also and NO over priced proprietary HDDs.

lociefer2760d ago

the NPD numbers and europe sales would be real boring

Def Warrant2760d ago

It must have all 20+ Sony first party devs developing for it. Oh and a web browser.

Pandamobile2760d ago

Well, there would still be PC to play on :V

Raypture2760d ago

Not if the companies had their way with it.

Kushan2760d ago

If there was only one games console, it would cost £500 at launch, drop about £50 over the next 4 years, peripherals would be more expensive than Even Microsoft's outrageous prices, feature additions would be few and far between, it'd be filled with shovelware and games would cost a fortune.

No thank you. Competition is where it's at.