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MexicanAppleThief2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

So this is the alpha build? Daaayyyuuuummm...

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badz1492883d ago

agreed, simply stunning! most of them are probably cutscenes, but gameplay won't be that much difference like KZ2! what really bugs me from the pics is, "where're the jaggies?"

talltony2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Only alpha and has a year to go before it releases. Guerrilla is extremely talented devs!

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DaTruth2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

All Killzone 2 cutscenes were in-engine cutscenes with no pre-rendering and no AHEM... higher resolution models. Except the opening.

Expect ingame to look exactly like this!

PshycoNinja2883d ago

just stunning.

Poll for the Killzone 3 Collectors Edition:

MNicholas2883d ago

The amount of unneccesary polygon detail they put in to that building and the flying craft is is simply mind-boggling. Who is even going to notice all that detail except so many other developers who are going to hang their heads in shame?

It's as if they're just showing off the power of their engine just because they can.

Incredible stuff.

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MNicholas2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Can't speak for others but, looking at the big games, such statements appear to be true.

Big 360 games like Forza 3, Alan Wake, and Gears of War 1 & 2, etc... all used plenty of bull-shots. The actual games fell far short of expectations.

PS3 games like GT5, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3, on the other hand, actually look better in-game, thanks to amazing post-processing and dynamic effects, than the screen-shots released by the developers. KZ2 used CGI at the PS3's launch 4 years ago yet that game ended up exceeding even the CGI in all but character model poly count.

So the credibility of GG producing a game that actually looks better in motion than these screen-shots is pretty high.

Microsoft Xbox 3602883d ago

Because PS3 exclusives have proven themselves. Not only that but this is GG we're talking about. Look at the shots they released before K2. In-game looks way better than the shots.

specialguest2883d ago

learn from the mistakes KZ2 made, and be the ultimate-potentially perfect FPS it was meant to be.

Commander TK2883d ago

Lol. If u really think that Guerrilla games will top Crytek, then think again.

Arnon2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Nice bullshots. Unless of course, the game is going to run at 1600x900, 1158x1080, or 1065x1036 with 8xAA, which I doubt.

IcarusOne2882d ago

Looks nice. So did KZ2 target trailer.

Now let's see if they can tell a story.

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aCasualGamer2883d ago

I'm fully agreeing with... DAAAAYYYUUUUUMMMM!!!
I didn't even know Killzone 3 was announced yet!! And to see these pics!!!

I swear, the first thing i thought when i finished Killzone 2 was "wonder how this would look with arctic environment.." My wish has come true!

Edit: Is that a jetpack?! *faints*

MazzingerZ2883d ago


You bet the snow effects are awesome thanks to the cooperation withj Naughty Dog

UnSelf2883d ago

buddy whereve u been?!?!

n4g is killzon3d

mal_tez922883d ago

ever since metal gear solid 1

SOCOM 1, Uncharted 2, MGS4 and even MW2 had awesome snow levels

Killzone in the snow = awesome

cyborg69712883d ago

If this is pre-alpha I don't think I'll ever stop jizzing all over. I still am while typing this. Can't wait.

Apone2883d ago

Thanx for the 'heads up' ;)

sikbeta2883d ago

Beautiful indeed...KZ3 is Day one...

thewhoopimen2883d ago

One can assume they would use Sony Santa Monica's MLAA implementation. GowIII had no jaggies whatsoever.

mal_tez922883d ago

I noticed about 2 jaggies ever on Gow III. And to see them, I had to sit about 10 cm away from my 46 inch full HD tv

rob60212879d ago

I would like them to use Santa Monica's MLAA, but from what I've heard the MLAA in that game took up several cores, Killzone is using the cores extensively there just may not be enough cycles left to pump out MLAA on top of it all. It will most likely be Quincux like KZ2, however the game will be designed for it to lessen the lapse of detail you see in multiplats. We can hope, but don't expect.

Bathyj2883d ago

Yeah, Alpha build with KZ2 charactor models.

The KZ3 assets arent even in place yet so we're only looking at KZ2.5 at the moment.

I mean that in a good way, not a bad one. This game is going to look so much better than these screens.

Its funny, when I read that title the other day, May '11, I thought, "so thats when I'm getting a 3DTV 'ay."

DaTruth2883d ago

May 11 what!!! If you're telling me May 11, 2011 is the release date!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

MazzingerZ2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Not surprised at all, since MGS4 PS3 left behind the other consoles regarding graphics...the funny thing is that before that graphics was what X360 was all about...after MGS4 X360 switched to Party chat

PS3 owners enjoy of a real purchased a gaming console and that's what you got

D4RkNIKON2883d ago

These screens make the gaming industry look dated. The industry needs to keep up with GG!!

UnSelf2883d ago

i swear it never fails wit these guys


Sony needs a leash

D4RkNIKON2883d ago

It is so true, each one gets better and better!

mal_tez922883d ago

add mgs4 in there somewhere too. Probably before UC1

UnSelf2883d ago

naturally i would but UC1 is where the benchmark was first set that no other console's gfx can reach the ps3's.

But whats so amazing is that theyre not just creating amazing gfx but the gameplay is just as good f not better

8thnightvolley2883d ago

this game will be stunning... sony is doing good things i must give that to em.. what an alpha stage of a look.

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niceguywii602883d ago

Nice looks like KZ2 down to the pixel.

TheBand1t2883d ago

And if that's the case, well we got nothing to worry about. Killzone 2 still looks better then anything else out there on consoles. Aside from Uncharted 2 maybe.

Greywulf2883d ago

and damn that feels good. Look at that.. jesus christ.

FACTUAL evidence2883d ago

and i know I'm about to get a lot of hate, but I guarantee you that when this game releases it's not going to look anything different...when they say pre-alpha and so on, i think they are just going by the completion of the game. Like 17% done or something...don't expect the graphics to look any better than these shots. Not saying the ps3 can't do better, because I know if GG's wanted to they could, but I highly doubt the game will look better than it already is looking now.

BABY-JEDI2883d ago

Right-up until the product hit the shelves. These guys don't sit on their hands. They want to be the best in the buisness. That's GG for you.

deafwing2883d ago

... new background wall paper for my desktop :D


MiamiACR2883d ago

Nice textures.......not.

vhero2883d ago

So Glad I am getting a 3D TV at the end of the year :)

PR0X12883d ago

Can anyone please explain to me wuts so special about these graphics??

I really don't see it............

I am not trying to downplay the game, but the graphics look just like all other games on consoles. I don't think this game looks better than MW2 or BFBC2.

Father Murder X2882d ago

I actually bought Killzone 2 and was like is this what all the fuss is about? I just don't see where all the hype is coming from. Could it be that its because its an exclusive?? I just don't get the hype!!!!

forum_crawler2882d ago

Not everyone plays current gen games on PC, so naturally, these graphics will look impressive.

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Jester2883d ago

alpha build not pre alpha. pre alpha is like engine building stage.

X-Frame2883d ago

Except that Guerrilla Games themselves have stated it is still pre-alpha. Do a quick Google search to find out for yourself.

thewhoopimen2883d ago

I believe the Sev they are showing is from KZ2. If you compare him with the helghast charcs, his clothing textures seem to be lower quality.

garos822883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

one thing i would love is the ability to play 2 campaigns in the game, one with the helghast and one with the isa. i really believe the helghast arent the bad guys in the game. i love playing in mp with helghast and wanting to shoot the ISA scum!

edit: and for the love of god incorporate some of that rich story from the website in the game. it really is a pretty neat storyline that i had no idea about till i visited their website. its a shame really they didnt push it in one way or another in the game

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