PS3 Primed to Overtake 360 in 2 Years, says Analyst

The PS3 has definitely been on an upswing since last fall when the new, lower priced slim model was introduced. Sony Computer Entertainment executives have cited the launch of the slim model as a "turning point" for the business, and the recent data from research group Strategy Analytics shows that PS3's market share has been increasing at the expense of the Xbox 360.

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sak5003042d ago

SO noes we thought ps3 would have over taken 360 back in 2009.

How about pacteher or whatever his spelling is . I want to know what the famous IT Prophet's prediction on this issue?

Nitrowolf23042d ago

well it didn't happen in 09, but i never thought it would take over then just with the rumor of slim i knew the gap would begin to close faster.
i didn't read the article but 2 years sounds about right, mybe even less if the current PS3 trend continues

HolyOrangeCows3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

Twist it up, sak, but the lead was over 8 million less than a year ago, and now it's less than 5.

SixZeroFour3042d ago

i also agree that in 2 years ps3 will have over taken 360, but wouldnt there the new consoles out by then? 4-6 years is average for a new console to be released, and thats how old the consoles will be in about 2 years

Nitrowolf23042d ago

Sony plan to have the PS3 for 10 years before a new console

DaTruth3042d ago

I'm pretty sure they said they'll support the PS3 for 10 years. Like they have with the PS2.

The PS3 is a great console, but I'll be disappointed if they don't plan to make another till 2016. I doubt it will be able to keep me happy that long!

SixZeroFour3042d ago

yea, i believe they meant they will continue to support the ps3 for 10 years even if they released a new console...just like what they are doing now with the ps2 and ps3

bakasora3041d ago

By then it won't matter anymore

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darthv723042d ago

360 will only sell for so long and then MS will bring out a new system. Certainly sony will want to counter but not at the same time so the sales of the ps3 has no where to go but up.

This is more like a statement of the obvious with the exception of when that would happen. No doubt the ps3 will also outsell the wii.

DaTruth3042d ago

Is 360 surpassing the PS2 or Wii??? Nothing is to be expected!

Cold 20003042d ago ShowReplies(5)
doG_beLIEfs3042d ago

With GT5 and now KZ3 launching within a year...the 4 million lead will not only be gone but I Michael Patcher that the PS3 will be 1 to 2 million AHEAD of the 360 by this time next year.

GT5 alone will sell millions of PS3's. So many have been waiting to buy a PS3 for GT5, I know of at least 3 people myself who are patiently waiting.

Unless of course Natal or Wave is as revolutionary as MS wants us to believe...then of course the 360 will take off again. I just do not see that happening.

UnwanteDreamz3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

Hell I remember when they said it was impossible. Remeber all the fanboys saying it would take 15 years or some such nonsense. What was once impossible has become probable and more than likely

RatFuker3042d ago

While it's doubtful that anyone will be able to catch up with the ubiquitous Wii from Nintendo, Microsoft's lead with Xbox 360 over PS3 has recently narrowed to just 4.4 million units despite Microsoft getting off to a one-year head start. Will PS3 actually be able to pass Xbox 360 in the global sales race? The answer is yes, and it should happen in about 2 years, according to DFC Intelligence.

Aquanox3042d ago

IF and Only IF Natal Fails.

See you @ E3.

sikbeta3042d ago

You telling me that the only important thing remaining in MS camp is natal? Ah... I was expecting Something like [GAMES]

So, what's if PS-Move Becomes a Hit and start to sell like Crazy?

Everything is a Big [IF], but trying to assume that an add-on will be bigger than the Console + Games themselves is really Awkward...

blackmagic3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

I'd say MS needs a price cut waaaaaay more than they need natal. I thought they were overdue for a price cut when the ps3 slim was released. They are in their fifth year and they have only dropped a hundred bucks on the msrp for crying out loud. The ps3 dropped 300 dollars to half it's original msrp and released a product revamp in it's third year! Come on already!

Stryfeno23042d ago

PS3 still behind?...If a slim 360 is released, Patcher will have to change his dates again.

n4gno3042d ago

lol, a dvd player with less games, and inferior graphics...sure, everyone want that :)

commodore643042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

@ sak500

Yeah, you are spot on, mate.
In years gone by, PS3 fans (trolls?) were telling us that the ps3 was going to beat the 360 by 2009, then it was 2010... then it was... etc

All the while, logical gamers were calculating the weekly sales numbers (and incorporating expected sales spikes) and projected that the ps3 might catch up by 2012!

Of course, such clear insight and logical analysis of the facts displeased the ps3 fans greatly.
Many ps3 fans mounted personal attacks and the vendettas accumulated against any gamer who dared speak such blasphemy against the might of the ps3 brand.
This pattern has repeated quite a number of times, on n4g, over the years.

How ironic then, that now ps3 fans are celebrating what is confirmation of what these vilified gamers have been forecasting all along?

Although, I have to say, all bets are off if MS releases:
- 360 slim
- 360 pricedrop
- Natal successfully

then we can forget about console sales parity by 2012.
Maybe 2015?

n4gno3042d ago

You are a joke, do you remember when people and ms media was saying "ps3 is doomed",
and now, despite of the media paid by ms, the americans sheeps "bububu i want my inferior unreal tournament halo", the ps3 is dominating in software quality, quantity, and hardware sells, you find a way to spin again.
and by the way :
- no one is waiting for a new xbox slim, no one.
- ps3 pricedrop will come too
- move (best motion control)
- 3D
- best/more exclusives
(and always bluray ! wifi, wireless, etc)
etc the ps3, if people are smarters, can overtake the poor box way before.

Jdoki3041d ago

By far my favourite post so far commodore.

Villified gamers?!

Logical gamers predicting PS3 may catch up by 2012? Must have missed that - cus I certainly never saw any logical 360 (or PS3) fans on this site claiming that!

Is this the same vilified gamers who spent 2007/8 claiming the PS3 was doomed?

Same vilified gamers who crop up in every multiplat comparison lauding it over the PS3 owners cus of their 'massively inferior ports'?

Same vilified gamers who blast developers and games until they become multiplat (Insomniac for example) and suddenly sing their praises?

I'm certainly not defending the Sony fansboys, but the 360 fans are hilarious in the way they paint themselves as some sort of victims on N4G!

Vilified, lol!

Britney Spears3042d ago

lol sak and cold 2000 are nervous because they know eventually for sure 360 will be 3rd. 4.5 left,use your brain bros.

Anon19743042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

Then the worst economic recession since the great depression hit. That set things back across the board.

Now, if you look at the numbers the PS3 should overtake the 360 by the end of this year if 360 sales continue at their current rate of decline, spring next year if they stay the same. Right now only 4 million consoles separate the two. 360 sales are declining as are their software revenue but even if they do what they did last year they should sell 11 million. Sony is targeting 15 million for this fiscal year and there's no reason to expect they'll miss that target. That's the final 4 million right there.

Of course, realistically the two consoles are probably close to being tied right now. With the 360's high failure rate and the fact Microsoft makes no adjustments to their sales figures for replacement 360's from retail units, nor can they track people who simply 360 arcade's when their 360's fail it's more likely that the two systems are tied at the moment.

That would certainly fit why we're seeing publishers reporting revenue from both consoles are more or less tied now.

Any way you slice it, it's only a matter of time now. Natal isn't going to save the 360.

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thebudgetgamer3042d ago

will that make playing the games any better?

does anyone here have stock in these companies?

will it make you feel better about yourself?

Raypture3042d ago

It'll make the fanboys who have to defend thier console feel good.

I, for one, do not care either way as long as good games come

HolyOrangeCows3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

I would like to see a system like the 360, that's poorly made with poorly optimized games, with practices like overcharging for accessories and charging for online be overtaken by a system like the Ps3, I'll tell ya what.

SPACEBALL 13042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

do you ps3 fanboys read all of these comments???? you guys are straight up pathetic. if you like ps3 better thats fine. why do you all have to act like 10 year old girls? just play games and shut up.

UnwanteDreamz3042d ago

Wow why does it bother you so much. You sound upset bro. So they get excited by these things what about you crying about thier comments? Seems kind of pathetic huh?

sikbeta3042d ago

It'll probably End this F*cking [sales-nightmare]... for at least the Next Gen...

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BakedGoods3042d ago

No, no and no.

BUT, it will force developers to *properly* develop games for the PS3 *cough* Rockstar *cough*

No more of these shoddy ports due to the PS3's smaller market share. PS3 will eventually become the lead for a majority of multi-platform titles and we'll get (graphically) better games across the board.

PotNoodle3042d ago

You say that, but the PS2 had a load of shoddy ports despite being the market leader by light years. Go compare some of the Xbox vs PS2 games graphically.

Granted, there was a bigger difference in hardware specs then, but the fact still remains, i don't think the PS3 beating the 360 in market share would make much of a difference, because the 360 would still be selling software, and it would still be cheaper to develop on the 360 and then port it over to the PS3.

D4RkNIKON3042d ago

Budget, didn't you know? Playing teh salez game is more fun than playing the console you prefer.

boodybandit3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

It's US vs THEM!
Pick a side man! /s

La Chance3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

Yeah...they just love playing the sales game

@below: OUCH, the truth hurts doesnt it ? lmao

UnwanteDreamz3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

Do I need to link the 15 or 20 other articles with people like yourself gloating over sales?

I bet I don't instead I'll just report your trolling and it will be done Mr 1 bubble.

Now wonder you only have one. This is the way you use them.

boodybandit3041d ago

You are part of the problem, not the solution.

dtalon33042d ago

seriously what has it been now? 4 years running the ps3 was gonna "catch" the 360...WHO CARES ANYWAYS the fact that microsoft has done this well in the market means they are not going anywhere and have been successful despite what the fanboys say.

Both companies have made a few mistakes along the way but both of them are thriving, why do people have to hate on a system because A)they can't afford it or B)love milking the love pistol of some company you have no real vestment in anyways...get over it people nintendo/sony/Microsoft have killed it this gen and will be back next gen, just be happy we didn't get a Fail system (minus RRoD lol-had to) this gen.

thebudgetgamer3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

in all the years i have been gaming there has never been three consoles that did as well at the same time as the big three we have now. first second or third doesnt matter as long as gaming continues to grow.

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LordMarius3042d ago

Eamon3042d ago

In 2 years there will be new consoles so this statement doesn't matter/

dtalon33042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

agreed...I love how people look at lifetime sales of a system and tout it as the best just because it has been around so long that it literally costs the price of a special edition game to get the system. IMO the "current gen console war" should be over when the new systems launch, but hey then what kind of number could fanboys throw about to worship the feet of a company who has billions of dollars and you don' idea, I guess.

edit:although I think 2 years may be a bit early on the new console forecast, I think it will depend on the success of move/natal. If they fail I would expect first (very early) details of new system next E3 with release of the systems being in 2012-13 otherwise honestly I think it will be about 1-2 year more on top of that if they both do well.

Britney Spears3042d ago

i dont think it will take 2 years but i also dont see a new console in 2 years.the point is it will catch it and that is what mattes,where the ltd was for consoles in the end. 1 year headstart and sony caught up,pretty sad and shows how poor M$ is doing in the market.

MGRogue20173042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

It hasn't overtoke already..?

Colour me surprised..