Sony’s Killzone 3 looks amazing, but its 3D TV version disappoints

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat offers his hands-on assessment of the Killzone 3 preview. The game looks great, but the 3D TV and 3D glasses are underwhelming.

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theunleashed643125d ago

uh oh this is going to get ugly *grabs popcorn*

PoSTedUP3125d ago

idk halo3 is fun for the masses. KZ you have to have a taste for intense badass gun play. KZ3 needs split screen online, then it might come close imo. halo is fun, KZ2 i get an adrenaline rush every time i play. it is totally different. like comparing mario kart to motorstorm.

duplissi3125d ago

"it is totally different. like comparing mario kart to motorstorm."

exactly, while both are shooters they both focus on completely different aspects.

HolyOrangeCows3125d ago

"Sony’s Killzone 3 looks amazing, but its 3D TV version disappoints"

theKiller3125d ago

so many games killed halo!!

to name few:

1: bioshock
2: Call Of Duty 4
3: killzone 2
4: Modern Warfare 2
5: battlefield 2 bad company 2
6: bioshock 2

to name few!!

inveni03125d ago

As soon as the idiot that wrote "Halo Killer" and "3D is a killjoy", I quit paying attention. I don't want a "Halo Killer". I don't like Halo. I like KZ the way it is, thank you. And 3D? This guy is the first to not say that KZ looks amazing in I don't believe him.

Kleptic3125d ago

not even one week since the embargo of killzone 3 lifted...and its 2004 all over again...

Inside_out3125d ago

Halo releases on 360 in September of 2010...when is KZ releasing?

I think Reach will sell pretty good...You won't need a new TV to play it

Qui-Gon Jim3125d ago

Think of it this way: Yes, to get the 3D experience of Killzone 3, you need to have a 3D TV, but to get the online experience of Halo: Reach, you need to have internet and XBox Live.

Don't NEED the extras for either game, but it adds something to the experience and the requirements for both can be used for other things as well.

HolyOrangeCows3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

You've become a real low-down troll.

What are doing, trying to convince people that you NEED a 3DTV to play? I remember similar low down troll scum that tried to convince people that you NEEDED an HDTV to play the PS3.

Is Microsoft writing you a check, or are you just completely mad?
Spreading PR videos all day....I almost feel bad for you, but it's hard to have sympathy for a zombie.

RatFuker3125d ago


SOAD3125d ago

Halo is still alive and is a sales monster.

BkaY3125d ago

with "Halo killer"..

just want to point out that only ppl calling it a "halo killer" are cheap website who need hits.. and ps3 fans ends up paying the price..

and for the record.... Halo is xbox and killzone is on come games on different platform kills each other... didnt COD 4 or MW2 already killed halo 3...?

and he is complaining about 3dtv and glasses underwhelming.. he must be using SD tv.. i remember that my transition from SD to Full HD wasn't good .. it gave me massive headaches but now i cant watch anything if its not HD... lol


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PirateThom3125d ago

Please note: This is not a quote from Sony or Guerilla Games.

pwnsause3125d ago

yea, seriously. This is exactly the same thing that happened when KZ1 came out, these stupid publications came out with these assumptions.

mrv3213125d ago

These stupid publications are quite intelligent actually.

They call it a Halo Killer, some people pick up on it and use it. When the game is released the same publication then writes a article about how Sony where wrong to call it a Halo Killer and it has too much variety or something.

deadreckoning6663125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I didn't know you worked PR for Sony Pirate Thom. Anywho, I've said it before and I'll say it again. A game CAN'T kill another game. Its not possible. KZ3 won't make anyone stop playing Halo: Reach or forget all the awesome moments they experienced in the Halo franchise. The same works vice versa.

BOTH franchises are great and if u can't accept that...ur not a gamer, in my eyes at least.

"I didn't say I did, but I'm going to point out every time the media calls it a Halo killer."


PirateThom3125d ago

I didn't say I did, but I'm going to point out every time the media calls it a Halo killer.

LordMarius3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

so retarted.... Dead

solidjun53125d ago

seriously! You're just a clever troll.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Sure people will think this is quoted from Sony or GG.

sak5003125d ago

AH here comes the sony's loyal brigade to start hitting out on the articles against their leaders. headed by piratethom who had 9+ bubbs on old site which sadly can't be replicated here due to strict account controls. With the way he has been defending the mighty sony empire he could easily have been mistaken for being big KAZZA
s alter ego.

On topic, i've watched 3d movies in theater, watched 3D tvs in action in malls, plan on buying either a sammy 46" 3D TV bundled with 3D bdplayer and 2 glasses or panasonic one for 2800$ but i agree playing games for extended period on 3d will not be fun. Movies are 1.30hours long and can give you some minor dizziness but when you're fully engrossed in the game, in 3D it will really cause issues on your brain or eyes.

nycredude3125d ago

How do you know? Have you played a 3d game for an extended period of time before? GG has already stated in another interview, I believe with Eurogamer, that they implemented different levels in the game. At certain points in the game they implements 3d that, although was much better, strains the brain too much. Mostly they use a technique that strains the brain less so you can play it for prolonged periods of time. I am sure that there will people who won't be able to stand it but I have no problems and that is all that matters. Besides it's optional, not mandatory.

Qui-Gon Jim3125d ago

I can't speak from experience, but the 3D technology used in TV's should be easier on your eyes than what's used in theaters.

The theaters use polarized images viewed through polarized glasses, but there is probably a possibility of depolarization causing one eye's image to "leak" into the other's. The TV tech (the display alternates the two images at high frequency, synchronized with active "LCD shutter" glasses), if properly synchronized, completely separates the two images and should be perceived by the brain exactly like real-life is.

secksi-killer3125d ago

yeah i'm loving the fact that certain idiotic factions cant all bubble each other up for bashing the other console. although, it certainly hasnt improved the posting on here....and removing the open zone ?? lol wtf!

but, i think we need to wait until 3D games actually get here before we decide what will work and what wont! personally, i'm devestated that i only 6 months ago purchased a large and expensive samsung! because f"*k me, i want kz3 and gt5 in 3D in my living room !!

i will just have to wait and see how fat the christmas bonus is.

sak5003125d ago

@ above guys. Samsung and other companies have given out warnings about extended viewing of 3d themselves also that childeren are more susceptible to disorientation and nausa then adults but still caution adults about extended use. So tell me which hardcore gamer plays a game for only 1 hour everytime they play a game. usually i can say 2~3 hours are about average so playing in 3d can certainly casue some issues.

Kleptic3125d ago

I agree with sak500...every 3D movie I've seen in theaters was absolutely annoying by the end...especially Avatar, due to its length...I walked out of My bloody valentine...not because the movie sucked, it was actually a decent cheesy horror movie...but the theater I saw it in had the lights on way more than needed (a common problem I've read in older theaters)...and my head and eyes hurt so bad i wanted to throw a brick at someone...

Up! was the least annoying for me, possibly because it wasn't too long and it was a bright movie...

I'm not the least bit excited for 3D viewing at home be it games or movies, if its anything like my experiences in theaters...

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SpoonyRedMage3125d ago

Oh god, not this crap again?

dizzleK3125d ago

typical downplaying of everything sony does. how does this site feel about natal?

edgeofblade3125d ago

I'm not sure it's crossed your mind, but have you considered that Sony is not infallible?

BeaArthur3125d ago

People are so f'ing stupid. I have yet to see any game kill another game. Especially when they are totally different and on different systems. The only thing Halo and KZ have in common is they are both FPS's. Guess what, there are a lot of FPS's.

On the topic of 3D, I have heard from multiple places that it just doesn't look as good. I'm sure the experience is pretty damn cool, but it seems that graphically it just doesn't hold up to traditional HD.