New Killzone 3 Screens and Interview: On 3D, Storytelling, Living Up to a Spectacular Trailer

After playing 25 minutes or so of a frosty oil rig level, Bitmob Editor Demian Linn had a chance to talk with Killzone 3's Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide about how Uncharted 2 influenced Killzone 3's story, how 3D will improve your aim (sort of), and the pressure of living up to a CG target trailer...

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bbretterson2828d ago

The 3D aspect sounds really cool...too bad you'll only be able to play it that way at trade shows and store demos for a few years.

ZombieNinjaPanda2828d ago

So the early adopters of 3D tvs won't be able to play it in 3D? Explain this to me.

bbretterson2828d ago

My point is that 3D TVs won't be common in homes for a few years yet.

sinncross2828d ago

So how does that exactly mean that we'll all have to play 3D games at store demos?

Regardless of whether they are common or not, the 3D aspect allows those who have a 3D tv to enjoy the experience.

inveni02828d ago

Wow, they've really upped the textures in this one. It's looking awesome. Who woulda thought they could make it look that much better. I thought it was awesome before, but this...this is unreal.

I wonder what Crytek is feeling right now...

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nycredude2828d ago

It will be common in MY home, which is all i give a fuck about.

The_Firestarter2828d ago

Thank you for actually spelling it out correctly! I'm sick of seeing fvck or fu(k or any other variant.

PoSTedUP2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

damn straight im gunna jump all over that 3D tv when its implemented in enough games. like at least 9, and a crap load of blu-rays.

Giriath2828d ago

They're quite expensive right now, but I imagine there will be a lot more affordable models when this releases in 2011. I may get one around that time, depending on how much the picture quality differs from a same-price non-3d TV, and how much interest there is for 3d then and in the future.

raztad2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

GOD! I really hate trolls. My comment went unnoticed because I replied to the wrong guy.



KZ3 is looking mindblowing. So smooth. Levels look huge.

secksi-killer2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

and just looking at those pics for a game thats 1 year away. i think it's safe to say that they made one cracking game engine! kz2 is still the graphics king this gen, and imo will only be topped by kz3.

cant wait for this.

edit raztad above. thanks for the link. incredible. stunning and gorgeous are just some words that spring to mind

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meetajhu2828d ago

OMFG unparrelled level of gfx! I'm stunned

bnaked2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Yeah OMG OMG These new screenshots are f*cking amazing!!! But WTF i want to see them in 720p!!!

rod_furlong2828d ago

re: the Killzone 2 trailer, "our ambition...was our downfall." damn!

4221852828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Just reading that it makes it sound that the levels are bigger and environments are more varied.
edit: @deadreckoning even if it didn't live up to the 2005 trailer, It certainly destroyed anything the "other console" had in terms of graphics.

Fishy Fingers2828d ago

"Hulst revealed that this demo level was 10 times the size of a typical Killzone 2 level, allowing for Guerrilla's designers to create multiple paths through it, expanding on the largely linear settings of the game's predecessor."

"we do want to get a lot more variety in the environments - so, different colour schemes, different things going on, throughout the game."

So yeah, bigger and more variety.

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