UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – New Multiplayer Playlist “The Lab”, and New PSN Avatars!

Naughty Dog "This weekend – May 28 to June 1 – we’re introducing a new playlist that will mix things up and maybe, possibly lead to updates or additions to the existing playlists in competitive Matchmaking. We’re calling this playlist “The Lab.”

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DiLeCtioN3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

glad I ain't traded in my copy, multiplayer is solid fun.

GLoRyKnoT3094d ago

ND had no idea their MP would be such a gem & boy is it ever!

poopface13094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

until they changed the health and all the things like nerf nades and make it better for campers.

I wish they had a pre 1.05 playlist. Im really not sure why they changed it soooo much after 5 months, IMO it used to be funner. Im gonna try and get back into it tho once im done with RDR as I havent tried it out for a long time. I figure I wont be able to tell the differences any more after I havent played for a while.

itsralf3094d ago

takes forever to get into a competitive match...

itsralf3093d ago

I wasn't hating. I love both of the Uncharted games and have 100% trophies for both.

Matchmaking is just horrible though. It affects some people more than others. It takes me five-ten minutes to get into a match for UC2, while it takes only ten-fifteen seconds to get in a match in BC2, RDR or KZ2.

Faztkiller3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

The ! point was actually in the story but it looks like it was removed and now that my post approved I can't change it

Xpandemic3094d ago

lol ok, I thought they fixed that

Faztkiller3094d ago

They may have and I just can't figure out how

Socomer 19793094d ago

Hopefully i can beat RDR today so i can get back to real multiplayer games.
I miss owning noobs.

himdeel3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

...I don't enjoy the current MP maps. My main complaint is the gunplay and movement in Grand Theft games just doesn't lend itself to PVP as much, even if you select expert mode aiming. I hate fighting with the controller just to walk into a room of get off of cover.

U2 MP is just too slick as well and I'll be on it this weekend for some coop fun and double cash :)

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Keltik823094d ago

I just stopped playing UC2 because RDR and BFBC2 are keeping me busy! I'm getting MNR very soon too there is just to many damn games people!!!! Everytime I play UC2 SP I'm still floored over the graphics. It's just so amazing! I'm 27 and I will never give up gaming lol.

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