Jones: APB On Xbox 360 Just Didn't Feel Right

APB is due out in a few months time, but it was originally supposed to come out in 2005 for the Xbox 360 and PC. Those amongst us who're incredibly astute will notice that it's now only coming out on the PC, although Realtime Worlds, the developer, have never flat out denied their intentions to bring the come to either the Xbox 360 or PS3 in the future.

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ClownBelt3127d ago

I think even the Xbox fans didn't even care about this title.

Cajun Chicken3127d ago

Then they are fools. This could really impact sandbox and MMOs for the near future.

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Double Toasted3127d ago

I think they're just salty that MS didn't give them the go ahead on working on Crackdown 2.

SlipperyMooseCakes3127d ago

I cared about it. I loved Crackdown as well.

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AAACE53127d ago

How right you are! I lost interest in this game a while ago! I guess I read articles on it hoping to find something to get me interested again, but nothin so far.

wxer3127d ago

"APB On Xbox 360 Just Didn't Feel Right"

i agree

NegativeCreepWA3127d ago

I bought my first gaming PC to play this because it was canceled on the 360, and I still want it to release on a console.

dizzleK3127d ago

they care(d), this game was constant "upcoming game" ammo.

Inside_out3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

The game does look like fun...And YES this does have to do with 360 going with a different developer on Crackdown...These guy are great at what they do...Open world mayhem...M$ missed a golden opportunity...

Crackdown was pure AWESOMNESS... I will ALWAYS own a copy....Big mistake not going with the original makers BUT I'll give the game a go...see what happens...lets blow some SH$T up now....

Double Toasted3126d ago

I think Crackdown 2 is in good hands, seeing as though a lot of the people from Real Time Worlds are at Ruffian. But will see next month...

peeps3127d ago

when i heard about the concept of this game i was really excited, even more so when i got a chance to play the beta. then i played the beta...

it's a good concept executed badly. Just a few things:

- lags pretty bad
- same missions over and over and over again
- weapon balance (although i suppose this defines mmo's, but the weapons you get at higher ranks are much more powerful than at lower ranks)
- driving is the worst i've seen in any game

Bigpappy3126d ago

But if it doesn't feel right, they should not release it. Developers should all follow that model.

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jammers3127d ago

Seems odd and rather depressing it didn`t make an Xbox appearance. But then again a monthly subscription platform rarely ever works on a console too. Especially when you`re already paying to play it online.

Selyah3127d ago

Well kinda though Final Fantasy XI was and they used its own service via a separate launcher, I knew a fair few people who switched over to the xbox version of that can't really remember why though. But I woulda given APB a go if it had been on the xbox I'm likely to miss out on the pc version purely because of hardware.

mephman3127d ago

Well, it sounds like it'll appear on the Xbox 360 eventually.

JDouglasGU3127d ago

yeah it's unfortunate APB isn't coming to consoles, looks like a solid game. Maybe if it makes its way to Mac I'll check it out.

Hotel_Moscow3126d ago

i love how its

a monthly subscription platform rarely ever works on a console

and then its

when you`re already paying a subscription to online.

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NYC_Gamer3127d ago

what does this game offer?seems like its saints row without the single player mode..

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Forbidden_Darkness3127d ago

It says they stopped in 2005, weird because i thought i heard them talk about the 360 like 2 years ago, must be a typo...

Also, didn't i read it was coming to consoles, but was being changed around alot?

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