Itchy Thumbs: UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

Itchy Thumbs says: After years of sub-par UFC games dating back as far as the Dreamcast days, last year’s effort from the one-two punch of Yuke’s and THQ (already well established from their WWE games) proved to be a pleasant surprise for fans of the Mixed Martial Arts genre. What could so easily have wound up as a one-off now appears to have evolved into an annual franchise.

But what does UFC 2010 bring to the table that wasn’t there 12 months ago, other than a few new faces? After it, the developers don’t have the same luxuries that professional wrestling usually provides them with, such as a quirky new match-type to add every year. Still, making something exciting from a sport with a pretty static rule set has never been a problem for EA when it comes to Fight Night.

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