NextGN Review: ModNation Racers

NextGN writes: "What can one really say about ModNation Racers? When they first previewed the game back in 2009 it looked like a promising game – but with other titles like God of War III, Red Dead Redemption, and Alan Wake the game pretty much fell to the bottom of most people’s must-have list. Well, after playing the beta my interest was quickly revived."

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tunaks13125d ago

the character creation look amazing

Cevapi883125d ago

funny and weird at the same time...i saw one of Jigsaw and Mr. Peanut...Mario at the moment is number 1 with iron man and spider man 2nd and 3rd

playstation_clan3125d ago

this game is going to be a fun summer game

Inside_out3125d ago

I can't figure out for the life of me why sales are low for this arcade game...

AFatalPapercut3125d ago

I saw master chief, the pipboy character, helghast, maximus prime, spawn, and the white ranger just to name a few of the good ones.

The Wood3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

i found ulysses 31

looking for an esteban from cities of gold

'You can play with up-to 11 other players at the same time – unfortunately, online mode does support two player split-creen as well.'

did i read that wrong?

ThatArtGuy3125d ago

either he doesn't like the option of playing split-screen online or he doesn't know what unfortunately means.

despair3125d ago

bubbles for the laugh :)

Kyosuke_Sanada3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

If I can create a driver to look like Guyver, a Zaku or Travis Touchdown I would be real happy. Ive got to pick this up.

Socomer 19793125d ago

I'm still playing rdr.
Rdr is a long game man. I just made it to blackwater waiting for "comeback between 7am & 6pm all the fckn time.

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